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Do You Miss Jello Jigglers?

Jello Jigglers

Now I know that technically, this product hasn’t gone away.  You can use the jiggler recipe on whatever type of Jello you want to turn it into a jiggler version of that flavor.  But I guess what I miss is all the hype around the creation.  Jello put out quite a few dollars in marketing this “new” way to eat Jello with your hands.

My mom bought into the craze hook, line, and sinker back in the early ’90s, and was buying every Jello Jiggler mold kit they produced.  That never bothered me any as I was more than willing to eat her creations of small flags and stars in red and blue colors, or the purple and orange Halloween themed molds of gelatinous goodness.  Heck, I was actively searching the grocery aisle for new mold kits that I could point out to her, hoping that later that afternoon I would be holding that cool goodness in my hands.  Yes, my hands.  Something about holding and eating Jello instead of putting it in a bowl and eating it with a fork just made it better.

I think Jello still puts out new mold kits from time to time, but their heyday has certainly passed.  And while that picture above of the Halloween mold kits looks totally awesome, it sadly isn’t available anymore.  But I’ve got good news for you!  You can use any silicone mold to make Jigglers, and I found an awesome silicone ice cube mold on Amazon that would make an excellent substitute for the above kit.  It’s got six different tombstone designs featuring skeletons, spiders, spider webs and the like.  Go check it out!