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Even More 2021 Halloween Junk Food Finds

This year’s Halloween junk food season continues to roll on, and so far, it’s been a great one. If you’ve not seen them before, check out the other fun junk foods I’ve found here and here. Now that you’ve checked those out, let’s take a look at what else I’ve found.

Monster Cereal Snack Packs

Now that the band is back together for their 50th anniversary, the Monsters have taken over this Halloween junk food season in an all-out assault as you’ll see as this post goes on. I’m not complaining one bit though, as we went so many years without the monster cereals in our lives that I cherish every year we continue to get them in their various forms.

These snack packs are such a great idea, I’m surprised we’ve never gotten them before. It’s such a simple concept, but I know I would love to get these things in my treat bags when I was a kid. Or today. Anytime is a good time for monster cereal.

Count Chocula Treats

If I were the Count, I’d be pissed about being left out of the cereal. I mean, they filmed a special documentary about the band getting back together after all these years, and then he got left out of the whole thing at the last minute. But I guess he might be getting the last laugh though as he is the only one with an exclusive goodie for the Halloween season. These treats were out last year, but I can’t remember if they were available in any years before that. But they were so good last year. If I weren’t diabetic, I could eat a whole box of these this season. But I’ll just have to settle for a couple of bites from one treat and be done with them, but oh what a few bites those will be.


More Halloween Junk Food Finds

From this point of the year up until Christmas is the best time of the year for new junk food. It’s starting to hit stores now at a pretty good clip, and here’s what I found while in stores today. Oh, and if you missed the stuff I found last week, you can check all of it out in this post.

Monster Mash Cereal & Other Monster Cereals!

Well, this was obviously the big find of the trip, as I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the classic box Monster Cereals and the new Monster Mash. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the new Monster Mash fruit snacks, but I will continue to be on the hunt for them. Holy cow, those retro boxes are just so damn beautiful.

New Brach’s Candy Corn Flavors!

While I’m not a huge fan of candy corn these days, I am very intrigued by these newer flavors. That Caramel Apply one looks really tempting.


Spotted! Fall & Halloween Junk Food

The 2021 Halloween and Fall-themed junk food season is upon us, and here are a few delicacies I’ve spotted in stores so far.

Ghostbusters After Life Cereal! I picked this up the moment I saw it. I’ve been anticipating its arrival since I was a fan of the original cereal. While the taste doesn’t measure up to what I was expecting, it’s still a pretty good cereal. Regardless of the taste, it’s still a five-star pickup just for the nostalgia.

Shriekers Skittles! We tried the Zombie Skittles in the past for the novelty of it, but biting into one of the actual foul-tasting ones just completely turned me off on the gimmick. But this Skittles is going in another direction with these Shriekers. It’s a pack of sour Skittles, but sprinkled in are some SUPER SOUR ones to catch you by surprise. We haven’t cracked them open yet, but I’m looking forward to giving them a shot.


Tales From the Crypt Keeper Cartoon

Click above to watch Tales From the Crypt Keeper

The 1950’s introduced us to Tales From the Crypt, a wry, sardonic E.C. Comics series that turned the saccharine theme of good versus evil on its head.

Like its comic predecessor and the HBO horror anthology it inspired, the 1990’s animated series Tales from the Cryptkeeper maintained a cool distance from the “nice” cartoons that littered Saturday mornings.

The ABC network and Nelvana studios made a deal to obtain the rights of the EC Comics’ character, Cryptkeeper, from his new owners, filmmakers Richard Donner, Walter Hill, Robert Zemeckis, Joel Silver, and David Giler. The Cryptkeeper was then animated into a wisecracking skeleton who told tales of moral comeuppance, much like the original comic.