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Do You Miss Jello Jigglers?

Jello Jigglers

Now I know that technically, this product hasn’t gone away.  You can use the jiggler recipe on whatever type of Jello you want to turn it into a jiggler version of that flavor.  But I guess what I miss is all the hype around the creation.  Jello put out quite a few dollars in marketing this “new” way to eat Jello with your hands.

My mom bought into the craze hook, line, and sinker back in the early ’90s, and was buying every Jello Jiggler mold kit they produced.  That never bothered me any as I was more than willing to eat her creations of small flags and stars in red and blue colors, or the purple and orange Halloween themed molds of gelatinous goodness.  Heck, I was actively searching the grocery aisle for new mold kits that I could point out to her, hoping that later that afternoon I would be holding that cool goodness in my hands.  Yes, my hands.  Something about holding and eating Jello instead of putting it in a bowl and eating it with a fork just made it better.

I think Jello still puts out new mold kits from time to time, but their heyday has certainly passed.  And while that picture above of the Halloween mold kits looks totally awesome, it sadly isn’t available anymore.  But I’ve got good news for you!  You can use any silicone mold to make Jigglers, and I found an awesome silicone ice cube mold on Amazon that would make an excellent substitute for the above kit.  It’s got six different tombstone designs featuring skeletons, spiders, spider webs and the like.  Go check it out!

Why Wendy’s Ain’t the Same Anymore

I never thought that talking about my love of old food would garner much attention.  Boy was I wrong.  I had put this post up a couple of years ago, and then took it offline when we launched The Retro Network.  But just this week, two different people contacted me saying they were looking for it.  How about that.  Well, here it is again, and I’ll leave it up this time so all of you faithful followers can find it from now on.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, when my old man would come home each weekend from working out-of-town, he would always take the family out to eat on Friday or Saturday night.  Places like Western Steer and Bonanza were frequent favorites, Pizza Hut was a rarity, and when we weren’t going to one of those places, the destination was Wendy’s.  So it’s fair to say that I visited Wendy’s a lot in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what set it apart from its competition back then, and what made it stand out.

So let’s get to it, and take a look at how much Wendy’s has changed since those days, and not really for the better.


Their Commercials Are Not Near As Good As They Used to Be

So first up, let’s take a look at what brings an establishment to people’s attention, and makes them want to visit in the first place, the television commercials advertising the place or products.  For years, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas was a fixture in commercials for the chain.  He looked like he could be your own grandpa, and put forth a welcoming personality that seemed to not feel like an over-produced commercial, but rather an invitation to dinner from an old friend.

Wendys Dave Thomas

These days, we get this young yuppie girl they call “Red”, where the commercials focus more on trying to be funny (and failing), or hip, and don’t do much to get a vibe across to the viewer as to the core values of the restaurant.  Heck, they barely focus on the food they are promoting.  With the Dave Thomas commercials, you got a little humor, but he almost always put forth his philosophy of making good, old-fashioned hamburgers.  Check out this classic commercial below and see what I’m talking about.


Man, there’s something about an old Wendy’s commercial with Dave Thomas that really takes me back.

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Vintage Holiday Recipes From 1967


I recently came across an issue of McCall’s magazine from December of 1967, and while getting lost in all the great advertising, I stumbled upon some fun and tasty looking recipes from that magical year.  The Christmas season always brings along it’s own unique blend of tasty treats that are usually reserved for the holiday and not many other times of the year.  So chances are these recipes only saw print a few times through the years.  Well today, we’re pulling these old recipes out and sharing them with the world!

While all the food on this spread looks pretty tempting, the only recipe given is for the Cream Wafers that are pictured at bottom right.  They seem easy enough to make, and look pretty dang good too!  The main thing I’ve picked up on in these old recipes, and you’ll see as we go along, is they call for butter and not margarine.  These are my kind of people right here!

Now I know that aluminum foil isn’t food, but Reynolds Wrap got in on the game with some “recipes” of their own to try and move more of their product by giving you ideas of things to do with it.  You can wrap a child’s present with it, Christmas candles look more “gala” when they have some foil curled around them.  From the looks of things, I guess bunching a big glob of it up and sitting the candle in it as a base works too.  It even says you can line your fireplace with it to reflect it’s glowing warmth.

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Morning Funnies Cereal

If you’ve ever read much of what I’ve written, you should know by now that food is one of the more nostalgic things in my life.  I can tie so many great memories to different foods, meals, and restaurants that I could probably do this whole blog focusing just on food.  So in keeping with that tradition, I want to talk just a minute about one of the great loves of my life…cereal!

Unlike so many girls who broke my heart in my teenage years, cereal rarely ever let me down.  Sure, there were the ones I picked on looks alone just to find out there was no substance inside, but we’ve all made that mistake a time or two.  But for the most part, cereal was always there when we needed them.  Well, until they were pulled from the market for various reasons.  But enough about that.  Let’s get on to a cereal I was in love with at one point in time.


Morning Funnies Cereal

Morning Funnies Cereal was produced by Ralston Cereals in 1988 & 1989. It was a super sweet cereal, bright in color and shaped like smiley faces.  The taste and shape wasn’t the hook for this cereal though…..the box was. I know what you’re thinking.  How could a box be better than what was inside?  Well, because the box featured comic strips on the front and back panels!  In addition, the back of the box featured a full-size flap that opened up and featured even more comics on the inside!  It was nirvana for comic strip lovers. The company actually won an award in 1988 for “innovative packaging” for the fifth-panel design.

The comics featured were Dennis the Menace, Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, Hi and Lois, Family Circus, Luann, Marvin, Funky Winkerbean, and What A Guy!.  Not a bad lineup, but still it left something to be desired when Garfield, Peanuts, and The Far Side were all the rage at the point this cereal was on the market.


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Halloween Treats

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The Halloween season is upon us, and I thought it would be fun to go back in time to the days of trick-or-treating and look at just what were some of my absolute favorite things to find in my treat bag at the end of the night.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it was hard for any treat to be classified as “bad”, but we all had the favorites that we hoped to get a sack full of by the end of the night.  Here are my 10 of my favorite Halloween treats!

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