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Do You Remember POGs?


In the 1990’s, people began to realize that the word “collectible” need not be limited to things like comic books and movie posters. Anything that someone wanted could be considered a collectible, especially if a group of people (like kids, for instance) wanted it. And with this realization came the birth of the pog. These small discs were designed for use in a simple kid’s game, but they became a phenomenon when toy companies realized their potential as a collectible. The result was one of the biggest kid crazes of the 1990’s.

Although pogs became a craze in the 1990’s, their origin actually stretches back as far as the late 1800’s. The small discs began their life in 1889 when H.P. and S.I. Barnhart got a trademark for their creation, the milk cap. These lightweight devices were intended to seal the mouths of milk bottles, but they also happened to be the perfect shape and size to be used as a toy by kids. The seeds of the Pog craze were sown in Hawaii when the children there began using the milk caps to play a ‘flipping game’ that resembled a cross between baseball card-flipping and tiddlywinks. The most popular caps used in this game were a brand of Hawaiian tropical fruit juice known as POG for its ingredients (Passion fruit, Orange, Guava).

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