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Classic Christmas Commercials!

Man, what better way to keep getting pumped up for Christmas than watching some old commercials!  No?  You’re not a fan of commercials, are you?  Well, once upon a time I didn’t use to be.  But that was back in the days before Tivo, Netflix, and other streaming services that allow you to skip all the advertising. 

These days, I find myself kind of missing commercials.  Not every commercial break, but some old commercials in particular.  It was rare, but sometimes commercials could actually enhance the show you were viewing.  Hang on…hear me out!  I can remember watching the Mickey’s Christmas Carol Special that aired on NBC every year in the mid-late ’80s, and when the commercials that aired were Christmas in nature, it kept the cool Christmas vibe going for my young self.  So these commercials we’re viewing here today get a pass.  That seems like enough of an opening…let’s get to my five favorite classic Christmas commercials!

Folgers Coffee – Peter Comes Home for Christmas

I’m not sure why this commercial ever touched me as a kid.  It probably had something to do with the fact that my old man traveled a lot, and there were times he would come in early in the morning like this.  Never at Christmas though.  He was always in town for that.  But whatever the reason, this commercial has continued to resonate with me for all these years since I first saw it air. 

I think it really embodies the spirit of Christmas in the form I like to think of it.  Families being together, and enjoying simple things in life like a fresh cup of coffee is endearing to me.  I actually keep this commercial on my Christmas playlist on YouTube to make sure I see every season. 


Fireball Island (1992)

I never actually owned Fireball Island. But man did I ever want to! The commercial does a fabulous job of showing off how cool the game board looks, as well as featuring the elements that really set it apart from other board games.

Seeing the character pieces, the landscape pieces like the bridge, and the action that the game brings with the fireballs rolling down the mountain really made the game feel like more of a toy than a game.

Not too mention the cool theme of the commercial being something akin to watching an Indiana Jones movie. But with kids. And plastic jewels.

There is an updated version of the game called Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul Kar that boasts a larger island, faster marbles, and full re-designed game play. You can check it out here.

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