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Marvel Rumored to Have Plans to Bring Firestar Into the MCU


Well, I for one certainly hope this happens. I loved the animated Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends during it’s cartoon run, and Firestar was a big reason for that. At first created for the cartoon series, the character was soon added to the Marvel comic book universe, and now a jump to the big screen would be incredible.

The MCU already has a nice bullpen of strong female characters, but still not as many as on the male hero side of things. Firestar would look incredible on the screen given the modern state of special effects technology, and I think they could show off just how powerful of a character this is. While not on the level of Captain Marvel, Firestar could certainly be one of the strongest characters in the MCU.

If there is a petition out there somewhere to help make this happen, I’ll happily sign it, and you should too.