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Back to the Future Advent Calendar from Playmobil

Great Scott! It’s a Back to the Future Advent Calendar! Open the set to reveal the historic clock tower and 24 doors containing a different surprise item leading up to Christmas. Rock n’ roll with Marty, test the plutonium with Doc Brown, or quickly hop on your skateboard to get away from nemesis, Biff. Once all the pieces are revealed, you’re all ready to travel back to the future. Missing a time machine? Add the Back to the Future DeLorean for even more fun! Set includes clock tower, seven figures, guitar, speaker, Twin Pines Mall sign, letter to future Doc Brown, hazmat suit, bench, plutonium, and tons of other accessories.

The Playmobil Back to the Future advent calendar features characters from the years 1955 and 1985 as well as many other details to recreate iconic scenes from the popular movies. Including a diorama (cardboard chart) of the town hall with the Hill Valley clock tower. Bonus for real fans: Postcard with bobble effect!

The Playmobil Back to the Future Advent Calendar is available at Amazon.

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My Virtual Christmas Tree!

Way back in 2014, Matt at Dinosaur Dracula unleashed on the world an idea to create a virtual Christmas tree. It was an awesome idea, but I didn’t heed his advice until this year. I’m glad I waited actually. 2020 has been such a year, that making this was a much-needed distraction. While he printed out the blank tree, used crayons to color it, and printed out the ornaments and presents to glue on, I opted to do it all digitally. The end result was still the same in that I probably had as much fun making mine as he did his.

So for my tree, I went with traditional green as the color scheme. I almost chose to go with white as a throwback to the awesome tree my grandmother had for the Christmases of my youth but felt that the green would make a better background for the ornaments. And speaking of the ornaments…when you’re doing a virtual tree like this, you’re not limited to traditional ornaments. So I went with ornaments based on the members of WCW’s Dungeon of Doom! I didn’t feature them all, but the main ones are there.


A Review of My Christmas Toys from 1986!

Earlier in the month, I posted about how 1986 was the year Santa became real for me. I briefly talked about some of the things I got for Christmas that year, but those little snippets just don’t do all those wonderful toys justice. So here, in detail, is what I got for Christmas in 1986!

The big one that Christmas morning in 1986 was the G.I. Joe Cobra Terror Drome.  At that time in life, my world revolved around four toys.  G.I Joe, Masters of the Universe, Construx, and Legos….with G.I. Joe being at the top of the list.  Knowing this, it was no surprise to my parents that the biggest hit of the holiday season would be this huge G.I. Joe playset.

It had room for plenty of figures, so massive battles were a foregone conclusion.  I stockpiled this sucker with every bad guy I had in my collection and then began a full-on assault with all of the good guys I could find.  Even Bo & Luke Duke in their 3 3/4″ figure form and the General Lee got in on the action on the side of the Joes!


Products of the Past: Christmas Glasses From Arbys

Back though the ’80s and early ’90s, Arby’s used to roll out sets of glasses for the Christmas season that you could purchase. There were various sets they released including goblets, tumblers, and just regular old glasses.

Some were adorned with red and green, and others featuring etched artwork. The ones I’m interested in are featured in the photo at the top.

I wish I had more details on these but I don’t. That’s partly why I’m doing this post. I’m hoping one of you out there can shed some light on them for me.

What I remember is that these were released either at the very end of the ’80s, or possibly in 1990 or 1991. My Mom saw them and instantly knew she had to have them. We ended up getting four of them for our family, and she would trot them out every Christmas season to drink punch from. The rest of the year they stayed on display on the top of her china cabinet in the kitchen.