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Cheerwine Soda Review

JJ and I were joined by my oldest daughter Lexi to review the iconic southern classic…Cheerwine!  We’re doing a weekly series at Our Table on YouTube called Summer Sips where we are bringing to you all the best ice cold beverages to keep cool with all summer long.

L.D. Peeler created Cheerwine in 1917 in Salisbury, North Carolina amid a sugar shortage. His drive to start his own soft drink led him to a salesman from St. Louis who sold him a wild cherry flavor that blended well with other flavors. With the perfect taste secured, he needed a name. With a burgundy-red color and cheery disposition, the name “Cheerwine” simply made sense. The taste sensation known as Cheerwine was born. The soft drink with a bubbly effervescence and cherry goodness became an instant hit then and is still a hit today.