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M.U.S.C.L.E. Toys from the 1986 Mattel Catalog

Here are scans of the M.U.S.C.L.E. toys lineup as featured in the 1986 Mattel Toy Catalog.  Intended for retailers, Mattel’s dealer catalogs showcased all the latest and greatest releases, along with existing products within its various current (at the time) toy lines.  These are great photos of some of my favorites toys from the past.  Hope you enjoy them as well! 

When you’re done here, you should also check out the 1986 Masters of the Universe Catalog, and the complete 1988 Toys ‘R’ Us Christmas Sale paper. Let’s get onto the scans!

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Five Highlights From a 1988 Toys ‘R’ Us Sale Paper

On this week’s episode of The Retro Network Podcast, Jason and I scoured through an old Toys ‘R’ Us sale paper from 1988. Even at just sixteen pages, the thing was loaded with all kinds of cool toys from the past. You can listen to us salivate over everything in the ad on the show, but here are five things from it that I want to highlight.

Army Gear Playsets from Galoob

Until we recorded the show, I was completely unaware of the existence of these incredible looking toys. They’re kind of like Transformers in that they’re two distinct toys in one. Like the M-16…you could play with it as a machine gun while running around chasing the neighbor kids, but you could also open it up into a playset for the Combat Troops.

Besides the M-16, it looks like there was also a flashlight that transformed into an air defense station, a watch that transformed into some kind of missile base, and a pistol that turned into a 3-level silo…and they had sounds!

Not to mention the combat troops themselves which you would obviously need to ramp up the fun with the playsets. And for just $3.99 you got ten good guys and ten bad guys to battle it out. This is a line I’m going to have to look into further.

Bone Age from Kenner

Way back when, well I guess in 1988 as it turns out, I saw commercials for what I thought were pretty cool looking toys. I never ended up having any of them, and they gradually slipped from my mind until just a few years ago. I searched high and low for a name for the toy line with no luck. Then I did what I should have done in the first place. I turned to Twitter for the answer and got it pretty quickly. Bone Age.

I had been enamoured with the “vehicles” and the like from the line, and still am today. So when we flipped the page in the sale paper and happened upon these things, I was ecstatic. These aren’t even the best representations of the toys in the line. It wouldn’t fit this post if I started adding in images from other sources, so you’ll just have to google them yourselves.

But the gist is that you’ve got these big skeleton dinosaurs and the cave men that ride on them I guess. But some of the other toys in the line are net launchers and other such fancy weapons. Maybe the coolest thing about them were that you got to put the dinosaur skeletons together before you played with them, adding another layer of fun to the toy.

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eBay Archeology: The A-Team

We might not always realize it or think of it, but eBay is a wonderful place full of nostalgia.  I’d dare to say that just about anything from your childhood that you can remember, you can find there.  Just pick a toy, a book, a movie, or whatever else you can think of, and plug it into a search on eBay and you’ll be transported back in time.  It’s what I like to call eBay archeology.  And today, I’m doing that very thing and digging up some cool old memories by looking at old merchandise from the hit TV series, The A-Team.  Let’s see what we find!

A-Team Action Figure Set from Galoob
Man did I love these things!  I had all of these figures, but I actually had the action adventure playset that came with all of the figures, plus a ton of accessories like tents, a boat, more guns, and much more than I can remember off the top of my head.  These figures weren’t as well crafted as Hasbro’s G.I. Joe figures, but they were the same size and the A-Team fit nicely as a special forces unit within the Joe ranks.  This unopened pack currently has a hefty price tag of $175.  If you’re so inclined, you can click the link under the picture to go straight to the listing.

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