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Remembering The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Adventures of Brisco County

This well-liked but short-lived Fox TV series was a sort of modern-day take on The Wild Wild West. Bruce Campbell (known to horror fans as ‘Ash’ in the Evil Dead film series) played the title character, a Harvard-educated lawyer turned bounty hunter. Brisco took on this profession when his father was murdered by John Bly and the ‘Gang of 12.’

To seek his revenge, Brisco worked for the Westerfield Club, a group of robber barons who hired him to round up the rogues responsible for his father’s death out of fear that they might be next. Brisco’s liaison with the club was their legal counselor Socrates Poole, who often played an unwilling role in Brisco’s adventures. The avenging son was also aided in his quest by Lord Bowler, another bounty hunter who helped Brisco on his hunt for the purpose of being cut in on the many bounties involved.