Fall Preview Flash Back: Step by Step from 1991

Step by Step

Ahhh, Step by Step.  I remember when this debuted as part of ABC’s TGIF block back in 1991.  I spent my Friday night’s with TGIF, and generally watched every show they put on, and this one was no exception.  I was familiar with Patrick Duffy from all the years I spent watching Dallas with my folks, so it seemed familiar somehow.  Another plus was that I was also familiar with Staci Keanan from My Two Dads which had been a favorite of mine.

Now I wouldn’t say that I was “hyped” to see the debut, but I certainly didn’t mind the looks of this new show.  I wasn’t disappointed by any means, as it became another staple of my Friday night viewing habits for most of it’s run.  I didn’t watch it all the way through it’s run, as I turned sixteen in 1994, and at that point spent a fair amount of my Friday nights working, or cruising with my friends instead of being hunkered down in front of the television.

Before that though, my Friday nights consisted of going out to eat with the folks, hitting the local department stores so Mom could do her weekly shopping, and then heading home where the rest of the night was spent in my room snacking and watching the TGIF lineup.  Stuff like this really hits the old nostalgia bone and has me missing a classic Friday night from the early 1990’s.