Review: Hostess Limited Edition Cotton Candy Twinkies

You know how much I love to talk about old food. The ones we loved that eventually disappeared, so all we’re left with are the memories. Well, we couldn’t think back on them fondly if we never tried them in the first place. That’s why I try so much new junk food when I see it on the shelves today. Which leads me to this special treat.

Hostess’s latest variation on the iconic Twinkie is a new cotton candy flavor. The package suggests that it’s a “golden sponge cake with artificially flavored cotton candy creamy filling”, but I tell ya, these things don’t taste artificial. The cream tastes just like actual cotton candy. They even smell like cotton candy!

I always approach new Twinkies flavors with a bit of trepidation because most I’ve tried have not lived up to the high expectations that come with the name “Twinkie”. But these blew me away. The golden sponge cake is still just as spongy and delectable as always, which you don’t always get with the flavor variations. I’m looking at you Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkies.

I can’t get over just how much the cream tastes like actual cotton candy. It even leaves a very pleasant aftertaste. But the cotton candy flavor isn’t so overpowering as to be overly sweet either. It’s the correct balance of subtle and hit the nail on the head flavor. It is really good at being what it’s supposed to be, and that golden sponge cake always hits the right spot.

So after eating three or four of these things in a row, I feel like I have a really good handle on them, and give them a pretty solid rating of A+.

Since these are limited edition, and I got my hands on them late in the season, you’d better be finding them soon if you want to try them. Don’t worry, they’re worth the money.

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