Retro Revival Blog Challenge: Things You Never Had But Always Wanted

Each week on Monday, I post a new topic here on Retro Ramblings.  The topics will be centered mostly around a retro theme to get your mind going back in time a little bit.  Anyone who is interested, and has a blog, website, YouTube channel, or social media account can contribute to the weekly topic, and respond by the following Sunday.  Once the article, blog post, video, or whatever is posted, the writer must leave a comment on the topic page along with a URL to his/her article.

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Last week, we had a small turnout due to it being the first week the Retro Revival Blog Challenge was up and running again, but the subject was “What is an old food or dining experience that you miss?”  If you missed it, you can check out the post from last week and read the submissions.

This Week’s Topic

We can all go on and on talking about all the cool toys and things we had when we were younger.  But, what we rarely hear about are the things you DIDN’T have.  That’s this week’s challenge:  WHAT WAS SOMETHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED AS A KID, BUT NEVER HAD?

Was it a toy?  A certain baseball card or comic book?  A certain bicycle?  It could have been anything, but the fact is you never were able to get your hands on it.  I believe this is a topic we can really sink our teeth into, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say on the subject.  My entry will go up on Wednesday this week.

Be sure to invite your friends and followers to participate, and we should all try to not only link to each others posts, but also comment, tweet their stories, and share on Facebook.  We can really help each other out some through the Blog Challenge.  Now, go forth, have fun, and tell us about what you always wanted, but never had!

Participants This Week:

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