June 27, 2017

Retro Rambler’s Picks of the Week for January 20, 2017

Picks of the Week

It’s time once again to go through some of the cool retro content I’ve come across on the world wide web recently.  If you know of some good retro articles, posts, pictures, or videos out there you think we should see, please drop us a line in the comments section at the bottom.

The Retro Revival Blog Challenge is going well in it’s second week, and we invite everyone to participate.  For details on the Challenge, check out out page here.  And for this week’s challenge, go here.


New Stuff From Us You May Have Missed:

Forgotten Food:  Oatmeal Swirlers
Andy Mangels’ Hollywood Heroes From May 1993
Retro Ad:  GoBots and Nestle Quik
29 Years of Royal Rumble Statistics
Retro Ad:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal
Nintendo Memories:  Tetris


Recent Stuff From Our Friends Over at Retro-Daze.com:

Saturday Morning Cereals – NLogan (maybe the most comprehensive look at cool cereal ever!)
Babylon 5 – MassReality
The Origin Story of a Superhero Addict – Superman
Failed 90’s Video Game Console Wars – Hoju Koolander
The Rebirth of M.A.S.K. and the Nostalgia Struggle – Sock of Fleagulls


Other Cool Stuff From Our Friends Around the Retroverse:

Let’s Workout Like it’s the 1980’s – Like Totally 80’s
7 Things That Will Bother You About the New CHiPs Remake – MeTV
10 Old Comic Books and What They Mean to Me – Dinosaur Dracula
Some of the Funniest Comedy Teams of All Time – Do You Remember
10 Undercover Facts About Wiseguy – MeTV
Pop Rewind Podcast:  Childhood Birthdays – Pop Rewind
The Deffest 80’s TV Commercials Starring Run D.M.C. – Rediscover the 80s
TV Advertisements:  The Simple 80’s vs. Modern Production Marvels – Rediscover the 80s
These Were the Top 11 Grossing Concert Acts 40 Years Ago – MeTV
Classic Superman Comic Covers – Retrospace
Do You Remember This Knight Rider Kiddie Ride? – Retroist
A Visit to the Arcade Graveyard – Cool and Collected
When Bond Battled Bond at the 1983 Box Office – Mental Floss
The Andy Griffith Show Was the 60th Most Watched TV Show in 2016 – MeTV


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