June 27, 2017

Retro Ramblers Pick’s of the Week for Jan. 31, 2017

Welcome back once again to the Retro Rambler’s Picks of the Week.  It’s where I share with you, the readers, some of the best retro content I’ve come across on the web in the last week or so.  Remember, if you know of some cool retro content that I’ve missed, be sure to drop a line in the comments section or send me an email with the link!

First off, Week 3 of the Retro Revival Blog Challenge is in the books.  This week’s topic was “Toys”, and we had 3 participants with some fun articles.  Check them out below, and be sure to check us out each week and join us in the Retro Revival Blog Challenge:

Advance Dungeons and Dragons Toys – The Other Side
Looking at Nerfuls – 20 Years Before 2000
Construx:  One of the Best Toys of the 80’s – Retro Ramblings

If you’d like to participate in the Retro Revival Blog Challenge, check out all the details on our page here.


New Posts From Retro Rambling You May Have Missed This Week:

> Unsung Heroes of Wrestling:  Jimmy Jack Funk
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> 1984 TV Guide Fall Preview:  ABC
> Forgotten Food:  Morning Funnies Cereal
> Friday Five:  TV Show Facts You May Not Know

All the Other Cool Retro Stuff I’ve Read This Week:

9 Fun Facts About Fruit Roll-Ups – Mental Floss
Free DIY Paper Foldables for 80’s Characters – Rediscover the 80’s
10 Old Comic Books & What Thye Mean to Me – Dinosaur Dracula
Dr. Timewarp Returns:  80’s Drug Store Shopping – Hoju Koolander at Retro-Daze.com
Mary Tyler Moore’s Other Notable Roles – MeTV
Bill’s House of Toys – Cool & Collected
Everything We Know About Stanger Things Season 2 So Far – Nerdist
Boy George Talks Competing With George Michael in the 90’s – Like Totally 80’s
The 15 Best X-Men Comics of the 90’s – CBR
7 Steakhouse Chains You Will Never Eat at Again – MeTV
Top Ten John Hughes Films – Retromash
Dead Air:  The Talk Show Guest Who Died on Dick Cavett’s Stage – Mental Floss
11 Actors You Forgot Was in ‘Roots’ – MeTV
5 Spooky Unsolved Mystery Segments – Dinosaur Dracula
Classic Fantastic Four Covers – Retrospace
10 Vintage Music Beefs From the 1980’s – VH1
Men’s Fashion Trends of the 80’s That Should Never Come Back – Rediscover the 80’s
What Forrest Gump Said at the Vietnam Protest March – Mental Floss
Wrestling Observer Flashback 12-02-1991 – Blog of Doom
24 Nintendo Facts That Will Change the Way You Game – BuzzFeed Rewind
9 Rock Bands Who Took Their Names From Classic Television – MeTV
Do You Remember These 7 Shooting Games From 1981? – Retroist

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