June 23, 2017

Retro Rambler’s Picks of the Week for April 17

Welcome back once again to the Picks of the Week.  It’s where I get to share with all of you all the cool retro content I came across on the web in the last week or so.  Since this past weekend was Easter, we had a couple of Easter related posts to help set the mood for you.  You can check those out below as we start with what you may have missed from us this week:

The Fat Albert Easter Special From 1982
Sale Papers:  Kaybee Toys Easter Sale of 1992
Retro Ads:  Easter Through the Years
Watch This Wendy’s Training Video From 1989
Forgotten Food:  Hardee’s New York Patty Melt
Retro Ad:  WWF Ice Cream Bars

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And now, for the cool stuff I found online this week:

A 1986 Bulletin Board System Has Brought the Old Web Back to Life in 2017 – ARS Technica
Top 10 Most Frightening Bunnies in Film History – CGM
New Boomerang Streaming App Includes 80’s Cartoon Classics The Smurfs and Richie Rich – Rediscover the 80s
G.I. Joe Reboot Will Take a Millennial Approach – CBR
Smokey and the Bandit Coming Back to Theaters for 40th Anniversary – Rock Father
Pick:  What Would You Watch on TV in 1975? – MeTV
The Shop Window of Mego Dreams – Plaid Stallions
Burger King’s Last Action Hero Cups – Retroist
An Incontestable Listing of the 45 Best Cartoon Theme Songs of the 80’s – Collider
J. Geils Band’s Top 10 Biggest Billboard Hot 100 Hits – Billboard
9 Iconic Mid-Season Replacements…and the TV Shows They Replaced – MeTV
Check Out This 1960’s Home That Seems Frozen in Time – MeTV
The Best SNES Superhero Games – CBR
NES Classic Edition Has Been Discontinued – Polygon
The Complete McDonald’s Dukes of Hazzard Happy Meal Collection – Dukes Collector
9 TV Catch Phrases That Were Never Actually Said – MeTV
George Lucas Talks Star Wars Prequels in 1982 – Retroist
80’s Hair Styles That Should Stay in the 80’s – Like Totally 80’s
Kenner’s Super Powers for Easter in 1985 – BattleGrip
Kickstarter Project for Atari Pong coffee table – Retro To Go
2017 Flea Market Finds, Part 1 – Dinosaur Dracula
Top 10 Most Expensive Action Figures Recently Sold on ebay – Cool and Collected
HoJo Joy:  Fried Clams, Ice Cream, and First Dates – Do You Remember

If you have a link you think we should check out, please let us know in the comments section below.



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