Rental Return: Tales From the Video Store Podcast is Coming to The Retro Network

The Retro Network proudly presents a brand new podcast remembering the days of video rental stores! Rental Return – Tales From the Video Store will chronicle the lives of former store employees and their memories of working at retail stores who rented VHS tapes.

Each season will feature a group of “Video Heroes” who were asked the same questionnaire and their answers will be grouped in episodic tales. Hear what led them to getting the job, perks of working there, stories of irate customers and shenanigans, and what they miss most about those days.

To kick off this new podcast series, listen to this special preview episode with Adam, Chad, and Jason whose TRN Talk podcasts about VHS collecting were the origin behind Rental Return. They talk about the concept of the show and fun personal experiences looking back at the rental store era.

Listen to the special preview episode below and subscribe to Rental Return – Tales From the Video Store directly or through The Retro Network Podcast Channel.

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