June 27, 2017

Do You Remember Super Mario Mac & Cheese?

Super Mario Mac and Cheese

I came across this ad a little while back, and was instantly transported back in time to my childhood days and my love of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinners.  It didn’t have to be a character based version, just a plain old Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinner pleased me, but the character versions did see to kick the enjoyment up a notch.

This Super Mario version was out in the early 90’s I know, because as we can see, the expiration date on the coupon featured in the ad expires on 03/15/94.  Thirty cents off is nothing to sneeze at either.  Here in 2017, these dinners run about $1.49, so in ’94 they were probably something like $0.99.  Getting $0.30 off of a video game related macaroni and cheese product was a steal!

So, do you remember this stuff?  If so, I want to hear about it in the comments.  Did you experience Super Mario Mac and Cheese?  What other character endorsed versions did you like?  Check out the commercial below to jog your memory.

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