Ranking 2020’s Christmas Hersey Kisses!

I’m always a sucker for a great spread of candy at Christmas. So much so, I probably put out the biggest spread of diabetes inducing goodies south of the Mason Dixon line.

One of the true classic candies to put out are Hersey’s Kisses. For many years, they have changed their wrappers to Christmas colors, so they look very festive. And in recent years, they have been adding more and more flavors based around Christmas. This year, there are no less than SEVEN different ones to choose from. But for me, that’s like choosing your favorite child, so I had to buy them all. And since I have them all, I felt the only respectable thing to do was to rank them for you guys (and gals).

#1: Mint Truffle Hersey Kisses

Oh man, these things taste like a better version of York Peppermint Patties, which I’m very fond of in the first place. The mint truffle center is heavenly with it’s soft and cool texture and flavor. And the wrapper with its little silver snowflakes on the mint green foil adds to the presentation as well.

#2: Cherry Cordial Hersey Kisses

I’m an old chocolate-covered cherry fiend from way back, so when these came out a couple of years ago, I was all about them. I still am actually. These have a soft cherry cream center that is so freakin’ delicious, and in and of itself tastes like cherry cordials of yesteryear. Through in the Hersey’s chocolate coating surrounding it, and we’ve got a great candy. This one barely loses out to the Mint Truffle.

#3: Hot Cocoa Hersey Kisses

We all know that good hot cocoa is an essential treat during the winter and especially at Christmas. And it has to have marshmallows. Has to. So Hersey’s has capitalized on that knowledge by tweaking it’s chocolate recipe to taste creamier and more like cocoa, and then added a marshmallow cream center to these things. Brilliant! You can enjoy the taste of hot cocoa when you don’t actually have time to make hot cocoa.

#4: Santa Hat Hersey Kisses

These are just the normal everyday variety of Hersey Kisses but wrapped in Santa hat wrappers. Sometimes when you’re already king of the mountain, you don’t need any kind of gimmick to get better. It’s a testament to how good the original is that I’m ranking it ahead of some of the limited flavors.

#5: Hersey Kisses with Almonds

Another oldie, but with Christmas colored wrappers. I mentioned above that sometimes legends don’t need gimmicks to stay relevant, but I don’t feel like adding almonds are a gimmick. It just enhances the classic a little.

#6: Candy Cane Hersey Kisses

Now while I’m not a big fan of the flavor of traditional candy canes, these were actually pretty good. It’s almost like it’s got a white chocolate base, but it has actual pieces of crushed candy cane in them giving the whole thing a cool refreshing taste. Not as cool and refreshing as the Mint Truffle version this year, but pretty ok in its own right.

#7: Sugar Cookie Hersey Kisses

A lot of people, including me, had high hopes for this one. I can’t speak for everyone else, but these are just too rich for my taste. It’s not that they’re bad per se, I just didn’t dig them. The sugar cookie flavored white creme that it boasts was just overly sweet. And while the idea of the small sugar cookie pieces embedded in them sounded good, they were too crunchy and threw the texture ratio all off. The super-soft creme with the crunchy cookie just hit me wrong, so, unfortunately, these come in last place out of this year’s selections.

Well, those are my picks and I’m sticking to them. Feel free to give your own thoughts in the comments.

Mickey Yarber

Mickey was born in the '70s, grew up in the '80s, and came of age in the '90s. He is the co-founder of TheRetroNetwork.com, and the host here at Retro Ramblings, a blog filled with nostalgia. When not here, he's out fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

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