June 27, 2017

Picks of the Week for May 16

Welcome once again to the Retro Rambler’s Picks of the Week.  This is where I share all the cool retro themed content I’ve come across on the web recently.  If you have a site we should check out, or a link we should feature, please drop us a line in the comments.  Now, on to the picks!


Pop Culture Vitamins That Made Us Strong With the 80’s – Rediscover the 80’s
Dwight Schultz to Attend Retro Con 2017! – Retrocons.com
40 Years Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Star Wars Was Born – Variety
Which Classic TV Sitcom Had the Best Graduation Episode? – MeTV
90’s Marvel T-Shirt Ads Part 1 – Hoju Koolander
Five Random Action Figures, Part 40 – Dinosaur Dracula
Do You Remember These As-Seen-On-TV Fitness Fads – Buzz Feed Rewind
1995 Water World Trading Cards Advertisment – Battle Grip
‘Dynsasty” Reboot Series Picked Up to Series by CW – Deadline
15 Coolest Cartoon Heroes of All-Time – CBR
Top Ten Game Wants For SNES Mini – 20 Years Before 2000
Mega Man M.U.S.C.L.E. Wave 1 – Plastic & Plush
10 Things This New Generation Wouldn’t Believe We Did For Fun in the 90’s – Buzz Feed Rewind
NO JOE:  The 15 Worst G.I. Joe Action Figures – CBR
GLOW:  Wild and Wacky Wrestling – Hoju Koolander
6 80’s Toylines Ready For a Reboot – Entertainment Earth
G.I. Joe, Pac-Man, and Strawberry Shortcake Lunch Boxes at Playworld in 1982 – Battle Grip
99 “Twin Peaks” Facts That Will Blow Your Mind – Buzz Feed Rewind
Frosted, Sprayed, and Feathered:  20 Hair Product Ads From the 1970’s – Flashbak
Snoopy Sno-Cones – Plaid Stallions
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – Saturday Mornings Forever
In Search of Bigfoot (1976) – Retroist
10 Fascinating Facts About the Easy Bake Oven – Toy Tales

From our archives

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