June 27, 2017

Picks of the Week for May 08, 2017

Welcome once again to the Retro Rambler’s Picks of the Week!  This is where we run through all of the cool retro stuff I’ve come across on the web recently, and pimp the latest and greatest work from my retro friends.  I hope you see plenty here you like, and suggest that if you find an article or post you really enjoy that you leave a comment on that site.  It’s well worth interacting with these folks.  With that, let’s get to it.

In case you’ve missed anything from us this past week, here is the latest from Retro Ramblings.

Picks of the Week for May 1
The 25 Games I Want to See on the SNES Classic
Video of the Week:  Teens React to Windows ’95
Retro Ad:  Freedom Stick Video Game Controller
Opening a Pack of Dick Tracy Cards From 1990

The 80’s League recently held their latest crossover event, this time looking at favorite music videos from the 80’s.  This is a really fun series, so check them out:

1980’s Music Videos – Killer Kitsch
My 5 Favorite 80’s Music Videos – Rediscover the 80’s
Favorite 80’s Music Videos – 80’s Reboot Blog
Favorite 80’s Music Videos – 80’s Reboot Overdrive Podcast
Fave 80’s Music Videos – Old School Evil
5 Hollywood Hit Makers From the 1980’s – Weegie Midget

More Great Retro Stuff:

Rank ‘Em:  Favorite Movies Released in 1987 – Rediscover the 80’s
The ‘Wonder Woman’ Soundtrack is Going to be Released For the First Time Ever – MeTV
The 1980’s:  When Nerds Became Cool – Lazlo via Retro-Daze
Canadian Super Hero Pepsi Cups – Plaid Stallions
Guess the Famous TV Family, 80’s Edition – Do You Remember
That Weird Time DC and Marvel Joined Forces – Kotaku
Bananarama in Smash Hits Magazine 1981 thru 1986 – Flashbak
80’s Themed Casino Games – Rediscover the 80’s
1990’s Ads From Fangora Magazine – Dinosaur Dracula
A Photographer’s Quest to Find the Last of the Drive-In Theaters – Atlas Obscura
Fruity Marshmallow Rice Krispies – Retroist
Kickstarter:  A Gallery of Action Figure Savings – Battle Grip
Like Totally 1987, What Life Was Like 30 Years Ago – Like Totally 80’s
Gotta Have It!  Pepsi in the 90’s – Retrojunk
8 Great Harrison Ford TV Roles Before Han Solo – MeTV
Meet the Elbow, the Next Gen Portable Cassette Player – Rediscover the 80’s
Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 14 – Dinosaur Dracula
19 Delightful Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Happy Days – MeTV
Checking Out DinoDrac’s April Fun Pack – Horror Movie BBQ
My Favorite Children’s Books Growing Up – Benjamine via Retro-Daze
TV Aliens, Ranked – MeTV
1980’s Give-a-Show Featuring The Empire Strikes Back – Retroist
The Last Cassette Factory – Do You Remember
Snow Speeder, X-Wing, and Cloud Car on Sale in 1981 – Battle Grip
Ric Flair Tells George South: “Today, you’re Ricky Steamboat” – Mid-Atlantic Gateway
Quiz:  Did These Events Happen in 1982 or Not? – MeTV

From Our Archives:

Nintendo Memories:  Defender of the Crown
Remembering Micro Machines
Forgotten Food:  KFC’s Chicken Littles of the ’80s

If you know of something we should feature in the Picks of the Week, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.



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