May 28, 2017

Picks of the Week for May 01

Picks of the Week

Welcome once again to the Retro Rambler’s Picks of the Week!  This is where I take a few minutes and share with all of you some of the great retro themed content I’ve ran across in the last week or so.  If you see something you like, and you go check it out, I urge you to leave a comment to the author or creator if you can.  These folks work really hard putting out content for us to enjoy, and a little feedback always goes a long way.  And like always, if you know of something I should check out or include in the next Picks of the Week, please be sure to let me know in the comments at the bottom.

In case you missed them, here are our posts from this week:

What Were You Watching in 1990?
Music Video Flashback:  No Rain by Blind Melon
Retro Ad:  Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Glasses From Burger King
Opening a Pack of He-Man Trading Cards From 1984


Also in case you missed it, last week we teamed up with Rediscover the 80’s for a cross-over event where we went into detail about our favorite episodes of G.I. Joe.  Check them out here:

My 5 Favorite G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Episodes – Retro Ramblings
My 5 Favorite G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Episodes – Rediscover the 80’s


Dave White has a Go Fund Me page set up looking for help with startup costs for a new Retro Podcast and Media Network.  I think this is an awesome idea, and if you are a fan of quality retro content, please consider donating and helping get this project off the ground.
Check it out here:  A Retro Podcast and Media Network


And now, check out everything else!

Memory Jogger Podcast Episode 8:  Early Driving and Cars – Rediscover the 80’s
21 Things That Happened on Every Episode of Gilligan’s Island – MeTV
Video Store Adventure #6:  Pepe’s Video – Dinosaur Dracula
Bugs Bunny:  The Mischievous Facts You Never Knew – Do You Remember
20 Years of Living Rooms:  1961 to 1981 – Flashbak
1980’s Topps Creature Feature Cards – Retroist
1990’s Edutainment – Benjamine via Retro-Daze
6 Major TV Characters That Were Recast After and Actor Died – MeTV
Your Turn Sega!  7 Exclusive Games to Put on a Sega Master System Mini Version – Rediscover the 80’s
1984 Diakron Guardian Newspaper Advertisement – Battle Grip
What the Hulk?  The 15 Weirdest Alternate Versions of the Hulk – CBR
Nike and Converse Team Up to Give Chuck Taylors a Makeover – Mental Floss
This Load of Vintage Merchandise Shows Just How Massive ALF Was Back in the 80’s – MeTV
My 5 Favorite 80’s Music Videos – Rediscover the 80’s
Cardboard and Vinyl Charm – Plaid Stallions
What Toy Did You Never Get As a Kid and Still Regret Not Getting – Buzz Feed Rewind
1993 Good Humor Ice Cream Truck Menu – Dinosaur Dracula
70’s Shows We Watched As Kids That Were Just a Little Too Trippy – Do You Remember
What I Am Hoping For From the New Masters of the Universe Movie – Retromash
Can You Guess the Saturday Morning Series From 1977? – MeTV
Retro Culture of Fear – Hoju Koolander
Sci-Fi and Horror Movie Newspaper Adverts From 1986 to 1987 – Flashbak
What Happened to These Forgotten 80’s Saturday Morning Cartoons? – Do You Remember
This 1979 TV Guide Fall Preview Guide Commercial is Spectacular – Retroist
A Nostalgiac Look at 80’s Prices – Like Totally 80’s
Photos That Will Take You Back to Your Grandma’s House – Do You Remember

From our Archives:

Forgotten Food:  Del Monte Pudding in a Can
The Hottest Babes of the 90’s Then and Now
Retro Comic Book Ads


Remember, if you have a link you think we should check out, drop us a line in the comments!


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