June 27, 2017

Picks of the Week

Picks of the Week

Welcome once again to the Retro Rambler’s Picks of the Week.  This is where I share with everyone all the cool stuff I’ve come across on the web recently.  If you have a link you think we should check out or include, drop us a line in the comments.  To start off with, lets talk about G.I. Joe.  Jason from Rediscover the 80’s and myself teamed up this week for a special cross-over event, where we both talked about our 5 favorite episodes of the cartoon from the 80’s.  Check out both halves of the article below:

My 5 Favorite G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Episodes– RetroRamblings
My 5 Favorite G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Episodes– Rediscover the 80’s

That was all we had new here on our site this week, but we did have a couple of things go up on the Patreon exclusive page.  If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a way to help support Retro Ramblings in a very affordable way, and in return you get access to exclusive retro content that is not on RetroRamblings.com.  Check out our Patreon page.


Now, on to the main show, and the cool retro themed stuff I found this week.  Enjoy!

21 Cartoons From the 90’s That You Loved But Completely Forgot About – Buzzfeed Rewind
10 Sweet Things You Never Knew About the Archies – MeTV
On Smurf Turf:  Remembering the Snorks – Mental Floss
DuckTales Comic Debuting This Summer From IDW – Rediscover the 80’s
Top 5 Comedies From Reagan’s 1980’s – PJ Media
Red Baron Model Kit From Monogram (1968)– Toy Tales
M.A.N.T.I.S. – How I Spent My Childhood
Meet the Ladies of 1980’s Wrestling – Flashbak
The Lone Ranger Meets the Brady Kids – Retroist
Dangerous Toys That Were Pulled Off the Market – Do You Remember
Nintendo Had Massive Supply Shortages Even in the 80’s – Tweaktown
A Ghost Story:  How a Long Forgotten Territory Still Haunts WWE – Pro Wrestling Stories
Thor Corps:  The 15 Craziest Versions of Thor – CBR
Soar Over Classic TV Homes in the Beautiful New Google Earth – MeTV
The 30 Games I’d Most Like to See on SNES Classic – Kotaku
The Interchangable World of Micronauts – Battle Grip
10 Things 80’s Parents Let Their Kids Do That Horrify Me Now That I’m a Mom – Romper
My 5 Favorite NES Game Sound Tracks – Rediscover the 80’s
Five Random Action Figures, Part 39 – Dinosaur Dracula
Quiz:  Do You Prefer the Way These 10 Foods Used to Taste? – MeTV
70’s Toys:  Cereal, Cartoons, and Commercials – Do You Remember
Fruit Machines, Dallas, and Madonna’s Perm:  Iconic High Points from the 80’s – Rediscover the 80’s
Our Putt-Putt Past:  The Golden Days of Minature Golf – Flashbak
12 Fast Food Sandwiches You Will Never Eat Again – MeTV
Home Alone…With Michael Jackson?! – Retroist
Wham-O!  The Birth of the Frisbee – Do You Remember
The Failure That Was BRAWL FOR ALL – Pro Wrestling Stories
10 Fast Food Failures You Rightly Forgot About – MeTV

If that’s not enough retro fun for you, check out some stuff from our archives

Forgotten Food:  Morning Funnies Cereal 
Nearly Forgotten TV Shows
Retro Comic Book Ads

Some of the links featured here I discovered through Rediscover the 80’s awesome Recurrent Events Link List.  For more links to good, retro stuff, check out the latest edition of Recurrent Events.

Video of the Week

Take a look at the cast of Batman squaring off against the cast of Gilligan’s Island on Family Feud

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