Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook Now Available

Playing Dungeons & Dragons has been a comfort these last several months. And part of that comfort comes from treating yourself to snacks while you play virtually with your fellow players. However, you’re about to level up in the realm of culinary adventure with the new D&D cookbook, Heroes’ Feast. The official collection of D&D inspired recipes comes from Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, and Michael Witwer (authors of Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana: A Visual History). Adam Ried wrote the recipes, and Ray Katchatorian took all the gorgeous photos. The book is packed with 80 dishes pulled from all around the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Just imagine the kind of food you’d order when you stop at a tavern for a long rest in the game. Your character needs to recover hit points and that requires time and hearty food doesn’t hurt. Luckily, the book includes recipes for feasts such as Orc Bacon, Drow Mushroom Steaks, and Trolltide Candied Apples. This delicious menu provides sustenance for your character to go on a quest or for you, the player, to roll some dice.

Put on an apron and get ready to cook with Heroes’ Feast, The Offical D&D Cookbook. You can pick your copy up now on Amazon for just $14.99.

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