Nerds Cereal

Nerds Cereal

Oh yes, the fabled Nerds cereal.  Now I’m not sure when the candy itself hit the market, but I do remember being a huge fan of it around 1985 when this cereal hit the market.  Maybe the commercials announcing its arrival got me hyped up, or maybe there was some advertising on the boxes of candy.  Either way, I was ready for it when this cereal hit the market.

It had such an awesome gimmick, in that it featured two different flavors in the same box, just like the candy.  That was always one of the coolest things about the candy too.  You’d buy a box of the candy, and it was like getting two different packs of candy since the box was divided between two flavors.  And each side had its own opening from which to retrieve the miniature goodness.

So when the cereal came out, it mimicked the candy pretty closely.  You had one box with Grape and Strawberry, and the other box had Orange and Cherry…just like some of the candy selections.  I don’t remember the cereal box having two openings, but I remember the flavors each being in separate bags.  But the coolness didn’t stop there, oh no, Ralston and Nerds took the divided fun to a whole other level with the Nerds Cereal Bowl.

Nerds cereal bowl

For a couple of proofs of purchase and a few cents, you could send away and get the official Nerds cereal bowl.  That thing was so awesome.  It was divided into two different compartments so you could enjoy both flavors in the same bowl, yet still keep them separate.  But the sweetest feature of it was that it had a gate built into the dividing wall of the bowl!  You could raise the gate a little and let the milk flow between compartments.  Or you could raise it all the way and let both cereal flavors mingle together.  We need bowls like that on the market ALL the time, not just as a premium mail offer.

Nerds cereal was perfect for its time, but I think it would still be a hit today if some cereal company would get on the ball and start making it.  But what do you think?  Should Nerds Cereal be revamped?

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