A Collection of Masters of the Universe Toy Commercials

If you’re on this site, then I probably don’t need to tell you just how big He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was back in the 80’s.  For a couple of years there, you couldn’t get through life without being bombarded with He-Man merchandise.  I know I certainly fell victim to the never ending stream of advertisements and tie-ins, and I’m better off for it since He-Man remains one of my favorite toys of all-time.  So here today, I’m just taking a look back at some of the old commercials for the toys, and reliving those great times.

So this is supposedly the first commercial aired for the toy line.  I have no way of verifying that, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.  It features He-Man, Skeletor, and Castle Grayskull.  Whether it’s the first commercial or not, it certainly is from very early in the run as there are no other figures mentioned or shown in the ad.

Another video from early in the run, once again featuring He-Man and Skeletor, but also introducing the Attack Trak vehicle this time.  I had the Attack Trak, but I sure don’t remember it working quite like it shows in this commercial.  I seem to remember mine having a hard time makig it’s way through the carpeting in our house and getting stuck.  Maybe it was not so much that the Attack Trak didn’t work as advertised.  Maybe it was the fact we still had thick shag carpet in our home at that point.

Ah, Point Dread and the Talon Fighter.  What an awesome toy this was.  Point Dread was actually designed to fit atop the tower on Castle Grayskull, so when you had both, it extended the playability of both.  In the cartoon, Zodiak was kind of synonymous with the Talon Fighter, so that’s how I used it in my play.  I remember getting both Point Dread and the Talon Fighter, as well as Zodiak for my sixth birthday.  That was an awesome combo right there.  However, I don’t recall the storybook and record combo that came with the toy though.  Maybe my mind is slipping.

Now this commercial is kind of the cream of the crop, because it pimps so many different aspects from the overall toy line.  You get to see not only He-Man and Skeletor, but all their friends on each side of the ongoing battle.  It also makes sure to pimp Castle Grayskull, Point Dread and the Talon Fighter, and some other vehicles including the Attack Trak again.  You could tell that they knew they had a hit toy on their hands, as the commercial is busting at the seems with numerous toys showing how they were ramping up the line pretty heftily.

Prince Adam and Orko get their chance to shine in a stand alone commercial.  I got both Prince Adam and Orko for Christmas the same year, so this commercial must have made some kind of impression on my Mom.  Again, it speaks to how prolific the advertising campaigns were, that my Mom would see stuff like this even while watching shows like Hill Street Blues and Dallas.  I say that because that’s about all her and the old man watched on television.

I’m finding it kind of hard to believe that Stinkor go his own commercial.  Maybe it was the fact that it was an action figure that had the feature of real smell and they wanted to show it off as some kind of new tech?  Who knows, but what I do know is that I wanted the Stinkor figure, but never had him sadly.

Here is another figure I always wanted but never had…Moss Man!  Now I don’t know that this commercial did very much to make kids overly excited to get their hands on him, because it’s kind of a generic commercial.  What also kind of puzzles me about this commercial, is the fact that it’s Tri-Klops with Skeletor and not Stinkor.  Moss Man was also a scented figure, and was created to oppose Stinkor, so I wonder why in this commercial it’s not Stinkor backing up Skeletor.

Ok, so here is another commercial that puzzles me a little bit.  It features Fisto, who was one of my favorite characters to play with, on He-Man’s side of the battle, but on the other side is Clawful.  Now Clawful was not a bad toy, but I’m pretty sure that Jitsu and Fisto were conceived as opposing figures, so why does Clawful get the nod here?  Also in this one, it’s the Battle Armor versions of both He-Man and Skeletor featured.  Those were some pretty cool figures in their own right with the rotating chest plates that showed increasing damage as the battle raged on.

Now for some reason, I was all in on Hordak and his Evil Horde when they came along.  Maybe it was because of commercials like this where Hordak was presented as the ultimate threat.  I ended up with all of these figures and had countless three-way battles between the Evil Horde, the Masters, and Skeletor’s crew of misfits.

And I think I’m going to end this post right here.  I get why She-Ra was introduced, but what boy wanted to have She-Ra in his collection along side of He-Man and all the other powerful Masters of the Universe figures?  Add to that, this commercial in no way resembles any of the other commercials I’ve featured above.  The tone and setting is just all off.  It’s way to cheery to be set in the same world where Skeletor and the Evil Horde exist.

Well, this is by no means all the commercials that were created for the Masters of the Universe toy line.  It’s just a few that I’ve come across recently and really enjoyed as they took me back in time to when toy commercials were just flat out awesome.  But heck, the cartoon series was the best commercial they could have ever done for any toy line, and watching that cartoon every day after school always had me salivating to go out and buy every damn thing in each episode.