June 27, 2017

Golden Age Comics Anthology Volume 1

I love comic books.  I’ve loved them since I was a kid and discovered my brothers collection.  I loved them through the speculator boom of the 90’s, and I love them now.  But as much as I love the comics that I’ve read from the 80’s, 90’s, and today, I love reading golden age comic stories even more.

The term ‘golden age’ refers to any comic book from the late ’30’s through roughly 1950.  The stories were usually short, and rarely did you ever see a two part or more story.  You bought a book, and it generally featured a full length story featuring the starring character, a shorter story also involving that character, and a couple of short stories featuring other characters.  You got a lot of bang for your buck back then.  That’s the format that I love.  I love getting several stories in one issue to digest and enjoy.

So with that knowledge in hand, I decided to see if others would enjoy those classic golden age stories as well, and put together a Golden Age Comics Anthology and published it as a Kindle book.  It features 11 great stories that comic readers of all ages should enjoy.

From amazon:

“The Golden Age of comic books was a magical time. The stories were filled with colorful heroes and villains squaring off in complete stores in single issue. Go back in time to that magical era with this anthology collection featuring 11 tales of heroism and astonishment featuring such characters as The Green Hornet, The Comet, Rocket Man, Captain Midnight, Blue Beetle, and others!

You’re sure to find plenty in this collection to love, as these are all complete stories featuring classic heroes and villains from a bygone era. Comic book fans will thrill to the action of yesteryear, and readers of all ages will delight in the classic storytelling and artwork.

Golden Age comic book stories are becoming harder and harder to find, and are almost lost to time. We’re working hard to preserve the legacy and stories for many generations to come. Pick up this first volume of the Golden Age Comics Anthology for yourself, your children, your friends, or anyone else you think will enjoy it! It’s over 80 pages of classic comic book storytelling at it’s finest.”

This first volume features a double shot of Green Hornet, and nine other stories:

The Green Hornet and the Dance of Death
The Green Hornet and the Case of the Museum Mummy
The Comet in his first comic book story
Ripley’s Believe it or Not – A Vision Saved Two Ships
Captain Midnight and a Return to Peace
The Blue Beetle and Torture’s Serpent of Terror

also featuring:

The Moth
Rocket Man
The Phantom Lady
Black Fury
Bird Man

I’ve priced this collection at a pretty low price of $1.99, and I hope you check it out.  If you enjoy it, look for Volume 2 coming soon!

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Golden Age Anthology


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