G.I. Joe VHS Tapes Ad

Here is an ad from an old comic book announcing that G.I. Joe cartoon episodes were going to be available on Family Home Entertainment VHS tapes.  F.H.E. would go on to release twelve tapes featuring G.I. Joe.  The first two compiled the episodes that made up The M.A.S.S. Device mini-series, and The Revenge of Cobra mini-series as full-length movies.  Most of the rest of them were just tapes featuring single episodes.  If that price tag of $39.95 was the same for all the tapes, that’s pretty crappy.  I can see possibly paying that for one of the two mini-series, but not for a tape featuring just a single episode.  For Christmas in 1986, I received one of the tapes, the single episode titled Sattelite Down.  I really hope my parents didn’t pay that much for that tape back then.  That $39.95 is $93.00 in today’s dollars.

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