G.I. Joe Figures

G.I. Joe Mail-In Figures Ad (1985)

Ah, the good old days before the internet and ordering exclusive figures from Amazon and numerous other websites. The good old days where you had to go get a money order and mail it away and then wait 6-8 weeks (or longer) for your new figure to arrive in the mail. And when it did arrive, it wasn’t in any kind of fancy or artful packaging, no, it was usually a cheap and plain white box. Those were the good old days.

Who am I kidding? I’d much rather log onto Amazon, purchase my figure through Amazon Prime, and get it in the mail two days later. We truly live in wondrous times, my friend.

But enough about delivery times, let’s talk about the actual ad here for a moment. The mail-away figures from G.I. Joe were usually pretty special. For a while there, it was the only way to get those figures you really wanted, and the ones you had to have to make your play time complete.

I’m not sure if that is accurate about Bazooka, but I know that for a long time the only way to get Major Bludd was in this manner, and The Fridge was only ever released this way. I think the HISS Tank went on to be released in stores though, but I have no info on the Recon Sled.

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