June 27, 2017

Contribute to Retro Ramblings via Patreon

I’d like to take just a minute to talk to you about contributing to Retro Ramblings.  Retro Ramblings is a passion of mine, finding cool old retro stuff, writing about, and sharing it with the world and being able to discuss old memories with everyone.  First and foremost, I don’t have any plans to stop doing Retro Ramblings because it IS such a passion of mine.  But with that being said, the cost of doing it continues to rise.

I rarely, if ever, display any banner advertising unless it is for an event or for a site that I want to bring attention to.  Not because I hope to make a few bucks off it, but because I think it’s a site you readers would enjoy if you checked it out.  I also don’t want to use banner links because they clutter up the site and can sometimes bog down the speed.

I have had a couple of folks ask if there is any way to help contribute to the site, and I’ve usually just encouraged them to click on an Amazon link when I use them, and then I may make a few bucks off anything they purchase from Amazon after they leave Retro Ramblings.  But now, there is another way.

I’ve started a Patreon contribution page in which you can help keep the bills payed around here.  Not familiar with Patreon?  Well, it’s a site that handles monthly contributions to my site, and in exchange, opens up exclusive rewards for YOU, the contributor.  You select your level of support, and each month, Patreon automatically deducts that amount from your Paypal, Credit Card, or whatever method of payment you choose.  I’ve kept the monthly contribution levels low, because I know just how precious each and every dollar is these days  Check out the contribution levels and the rewards that come along with it below:

Check out the “What is Patreon” video

$1.00 per month:  For contributing $1.00 a month, you’ll have my sincerest gratitude first and foremost, and I’ll follow you on twitter and give you shout outs from time to time, and share your posts from time to time as well.   Take me there!

$3.00 per month:  This is where the rewards for YOU kick in.  If you sign up to contribute $3.00 per month, you’ll get access to exclusive Patreon supporter only content.  This is exclusive content just for my supporters, and will not be made available on RetroRamblings.com.  This will include things like special videos, more retro ads, exclusive articles, and more.  Also at this level, we will follow you on Twitter, and give you a shout out from time to time.  You’ll also have my sincere gratitude.  Take me there!

$5.00 per month:  If you choose to kick in $5 per month, you’ll get everything listed above, PLUS the opportunity to do a guest post at least once per month.  This can be anything retro related you feel like doing.  Take me there!

$10.00 per month:  For those looking to have their work or product featured on Retro Ramblings, this is the contribution for you!  You’ll not only get all of the rewards listed above, but you’ll also have the opportunity to have a banner ad of your choice featured on Retro Ramblings.  Take me there!

$25.00 per month:  This is the grand daddy of contribution levels.  You’ll get all the rewards listed above, but the real reward here is the Retro Ramblings Retro Goodie Boxes!  The only way to get these things is through this contribution level.  Each and every month you are a contributor, you’ll receive in the mail a mystery box full of fun retro stuff.  The stuff will never be the same from month to month, but will feature stuff like old comics, trading cards, retro candy and snacks, books, dvds, retro themed toys, and more!  Who knows what will show up each month in the box.  Sign me up!

So, if you feel like helping contribute to keeping the site running at it’s best, you can click over to my Patreon page and get started.  If you do, or even if you don’t, please share this post on your social channels and help spread the work if you don’t mind.



If you have ideas of ways we can give even more value to patreon contributors, or the site in general, please let us know!

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