Christmas Junk Food: Hostess Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Mini Donuts

Its that time of year again when all the new Christmas themed junk food starts rolling out, and I found quite a winner yesterday.  My daughter and I were browsing the aisles at our local corner convenience store when I spotted these Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow mini donuts from Hostess.  If there’s one thing Hostess knows, it’s delicious snacks.  Armed with that fact as ingrained knowledge, I didn’t hesitate in picking up a bag of these little beauties.

I mean, little donuts in all forms are usually quite good, but combining them with a winter staple like hot cocoa was too much for me to possibly ignore.  The marshmallow flavor is just a bonus at this point.  Every once in a while, companies like this have slight misfires when putting out unique flavors of little donuts, but I always give Hostess the benefit of the doubt with their new products.  I’ve been pleased WAY more than I’ve been disappointed when they put out new junk food.

Thes little things didn’t disappoint.  First off, it’s a chocolate donut instead of the plain yellow kind like most little donuts.  I guess that’s a necessity since they are going for a Hot Cocoa flavor and all, which they do a good job of capturing.  The marshmallow flavor comes in the form of the glaze used on these things.  It’s not like your traditional chocolate-covered donut type coating.  This is more of your traditional glazed donut feel, but the glaze has a unique marshmallow flavor to it.

This pack was really fresh, and that meant that the donuts were really soft, which just added to the deliciousness.  These things were so soft that I don’t believe they would have held together to dunk in a cup of coffee.  I didn’t even try.  They almost fell apart just lifting them off the plate in an attempt to get them to my mouth.

It seems like Hot Chocolate is the new hot flavor for Christmas over the last few seasons.  We’ve seen Hot Chocolate M&M’s, hot chocolate candy canes, hot chocolate flavored creamer, and a host of other hot chocolate flavored goodies.  While I’ve enjoyed some of those offerings, none have really caught the spirit of the flavor intended.  These little donuts don’t suffer from that problem.  The flavor is really on point with both the hot cocoa flavor and the marshmallow flavor.  The only thing that I can think of that would make them even better would be if you were to pop them in the microwave and heat them up just a little.

My daughter, who absolutely adores hot cocoa in all forms, eat her first one and was instantly giving high praise.  For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of raising a teenage daughter, I’m here to tell you that that doesn’t happen often at all.  At their age, their just “too cool for school” and hate to admit when something is good or that they like it.  They’d rather just go somewhere in the middle to avoid being shunned for liking something that someone else may not.  It’s really aggravating to someone like me who professes love for most everything I eat, but I digress.  She really liked these things and wasn’t afraid to say so.  Instantly.  That’s rare folks.

We gave those first ones a try, and then I had to pull her away from the bag so there would be some left for the wife and my youngest daughter to try.  But once those two got to try them, the oldest and I went back and finished off the bag like we were in some post-apocalyptic movie and had just found 10-year-old cans of Beef Ravioli or something.

So what I’m saying is, these things are worth looking for.  I’m not talking about coming across them in a store somewhere and deciding to pick up a bag.  I mean, you need to actively hunt for these things and buy them.  Hostess hit a home run with these little beauties, and its a shame they likely won’t be on the shelves past Christmas.  Maybe we’ll have to figure out some kind of copycat recipe so we can keep making them.

I’ll let that idea roll around in your heads for a bit while I get my keys and head back to the store to buy every bad of these that they have.


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