KFC’s Modern Chicken Littles Have Nothing on the Originals From the 80’s

Chicken Littles


A couple of years ago, the TV was on in the background, and my daughters were watching some show that I usually wouldn’t give two damns about.  It was probably something like iCarly or Hannah Montana, or some other drivel from the embarrassment that is modern Nickelodeon.    The show went to commercial and I carried on with what I was doing. All of a sudden I was hit by a bolt of delicious lightning! For on the tv behind me, I was hearing a commercial for KFC’s return of the Chicken Littles sandwiches!!! I bolted to the tv just to see and hear the end of that commercial that advertised the return of the greatest hand-held chicken sandwich in history.

I immediately started making plans to visit my local KFC to once again dine on this fine treat.  I couldn’t make the trip immediately, and it was a couple of days later before I rolled into my local KFC and ordered my Chicken Littles with great excitement.

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I was horribly disappointed when I unwrapped the precious sandwich that I had missed for many years.  “What is this? This ain’t no Chicken Little!  What kind of sick joke are these people trying to pull here?”

You see, in the 80’s, when they were known as Kentucky Fried Chicken and not the metro sounding KFC, they had the perfect sandwich. The original Chicken Littles were the size of a common White Castle Slider or Krystal Burger. In fact, it featured the same kind of bun. It had a simple, thin chicken patty on it along with a pickle and a thin spread of mayo. It was simple. It was perfect.


Chicken Littles


As I’ve stated before, my mother and I ate out a lot when my dad traveled. At the time these were in stores, I want to say you could pick up Chicken Littles for 3 / $1.00 or something like that, which made it a simple choice to say yes to for my mother.

I had these little squares from heaven every couple of weeks. If she mentioned in the morning that we would be stopping by there in the evening, I would count down the minutes until I held them in my hand. But much like my disappointment with the McPasta, I was saddened one day when I ordered my Chicken Littles and was told they were no longer available. I didn’t dwell on it though, and figured they would be back one day.

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That day came a few years ago, and led to the story I’m telling here today. The new Chicken Littles are on a different bun, feature a different cut of chicken, and nowhere near the super cheap price you could once get them for. Actually, the thick piece of chicken tender on the modern version throws the taste completely off. And throw in the fact that the lettuce is usually wilted due to the heat of the chicken, it’s really not a good sandwich at all anymore.


Chicken Littles


While doing some searching on the ‘net, I’ve learned that several independently owned KFC franchises in the country still sell the original Chicken Littles. I used travel a lot myself, but unfortunately I no longer spend my days zigzagging around the country.  If I were, I would be searching high and low for a store that still sold the original.  If I could have found one, I would spent a paycheck on as many of those delicious little squares of heaven and packed my freezer full of them.  Maybe I’ll have to take a road trip this summer and see if I can track them down.  But until then, like with so many other foods I miss, I’ll just have to find a way to keep going on in life, even though my heart is full of holes from all the great foods we used to have that are no longer with us.