June 27, 2017

Cheetos Paws Are Back!

Cheetos Paws Are BackAs you know, I devote a lot of space on this blog to talking about foods that we no longer have the opportunity to enjoy.  Well folks, for a change, I’m happy to announce that one of those forgotten foods has returned from the dead!  You read the headline right…Cheetos Paws are back!  Cheetos have come in various shapes and sizes through the years, including twists, balls, and whirls, but none of those shapes have been as much missed as the 1991 taste marvel known as Paws.

The return of Cheetos Paws has been long awaited.  Much like the Hi-C Ecto Cooler, fans have been petitioning online for years to get this snack back on the shelves for them to enjoy again.  For the last week, I’ve been seeing more and more reports of folks finding this once extinct snack food on their local grocer’s shelves.  Our friends over at Horror Movie BBQ give their account of getting their hands on the tasty snack again.

A quick check at some online retailers show no signs of them, so I guess for now you’ll have to keep checking your local grocery or convenience store for the time being.  But when you find them, come back and drop us a comment so the rest of us can keep a running list of where they are being found.




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