April 20, 2019

The Snorks

Take a Smurf, stick a snorkel on his head, put him underwater and force him to replace the word “Smurf” with the word “Snork” when he speaks, and you’ve got the basis for The Snorks. The premise …..[CONTINUE]

The ABC Weekend Special

The ABC Weekend Special introduced kids to literature through live-action and animated retellings of popular children’s stories. Originally a monthly special, the show moved to a weekly run in the fall of 1977, and has appeared …..[CONTINUE]

Lazer Tag

“The game that moves at the speed of light.” If you were a kid in 1986, you probably remember the hype. For months before Worlds of Wonder finally released Lazer Tag, the company built up …..[CONTINUE]

Mister T Cartoon

“I pity the fool…” A catchphrase as instantly recognizable as the man behind it. Big, tough, Mohawk-sporting (the haircut was technically a Mandinkan, to the purists), and decked out in over $300,000 worth of gold …..[CONTINUE]

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