The Dudley Do-Right Show

Originally just one segment on the hilarious The Bullwinkle Show, the Canadian Mountie soon brought his chin-cleft good looks and high morals to his own program, The Dudley Do-Right Show. Dudley’s main interest, aside from his duties …..[CONTINUE]

The Berenstain Bears

The characters of the popular children’s books by Stan and Jan Berenstain came to Saturday-morning in 1985. The episodes varied little from the books, emphasizing family and good moral behavior. Living in Beartown, the family …..[CONTINUE]

The Snorks

Take a Smurf, stick a snorkel on his head, put him underwater and force him to replace the word “Smurf” with the word “Snork” when he speaks, and you’ve got the basis for The Snorks. The premise …..[CONTINUE]

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