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Wax Pack Flashback: WWF Wrestlemania 3 Cards from 1987!

This is Wrestlemania week, and I’ve been feeling awfully nostalgic for old pro wrestling. Because of that, you got the post earlier this week on the old pro wrestling action figure lines. So to keep the ball rolling, here is an older episode of Wax Pack Flashback that I do for The Retro Network on TRNTV. Give it a watch and check out how awesome these cards were.

It’s always fun to open an old pack of cards, but these were even better than normal because they featured so many of my heroes growing up. Every card in the pack brought back it’s own old memories. I need to find more of these packs and see what other treasures I can find lurking inside.

If you enjoyed seeing this old pack of cards get opened, check out some of the other packs I’ve opened…

Wax Pack Flashback: Dick Tracy Cards From 1990

Here’s another rerun episode of the Wax Pack Flashback show I do for The Retro Network YouTube Channel. It’s where I open old packs of trading cards and let you watch along and relive the excitement of thumbing through the pack.

In this episode, I opened a pack of Dick Tracy cards from 1990. These cards were based on the blockbuster movie of that year and are made up of scenes from the movie. It was full of colorful, over-the-top characters, so it translated really well to a series of trading cards. You can watch the episode below, and if it tickles your fancy, you can check out the Wax Pack Flashback playlist on the TRN YouTube channel. There are over 50 episodes there currently, with more new episodes coming soon. Enjoy!

Wax Pack Flashback: Doomsday Death of Superman Cards (1992)

I’m in a comic book mood today, so I thought I’d share another old edition of the Wax Pack Flashback from the YouTube series I do for The Retro Network.

In this one, I opened a pack of Doomsday: The Death of Superman Cards from 1992. The Death of Superman is one of my all-time favorite comic book storylines, and these cards are mostly just images taken from the comic books themselves.

If you were into comics in the ’90s, I’m sure these cards will have the nostalgia coming back and waving over you. Enjoy!