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Music Monday – Week of December 17


Music Monday

US Top 40 Singles for the Week Ending December 17, 1983

Overall, Not much movement again this week. McCartney and Jackson sit atop the chart for the second week with “Say, Say, Say”. Two songs that each spent half the year on the charts, “Total Eclipse of The Heart” and “Tonight, I Celebrate My Love “, finally fall out off the chart. The top 20 songs is full of not only iconic 80’s songs but some of my favorite songs from the era.

There’s one more chart for 1983, Christmas Eve. Since no chart was produced on December 31st in 1983, I’m going to go back over the charts for the entire year and make a playlist of all the recognizable, iconic 80’s song that came out of 1983.

Weekly Wrap-Up


Another week has come to a close here at Retro Ramblings, and that means it’s time for the wrap-up.  The wrap-up is where I hit the highlights from the previous week, talk about some upcoming stuff on the site, and share some fun retro content I’ve found in my travels around the web that week.  Let’s get to it….


New Posts at Retro Ramblings This Week

My Earliest Video Game Memories – I took a trip back in time to when I first played Nintendo, and those first games that instantly hooked me on the system and video gaming in general.

Top 5 Tuesday:  Favorite Happy Meal Toys – I used this week’s Top 5 Tuesday post to look back at my favorite Happy Meal toys from McDonalds through the years.  Check it out and see if any of mine would make YOUR list of favorites.  Dave at Banzai Retro Club played along this week, and you can check out his Top 5 choices here.

TV Guide Fall Preview:  1984 – I uploaded full scans of every page of fall previews from the 1984 TV Guide Fall Preview issue.  There were a lot of iconic shows that debuted that year, and there are first looks at shows like Night Court, The Cosby Show, Airwolf, and more.  I’ll be adding more and more years in the coming weeks.

Do You Remember Morning Funnies Cereal? – A look back at the short lived Morning Funnies cereal that I enjoyed in the late 80’s.

Check Out This Cool Selection of Character Sleeping Bags From 1984 – Full scans of 3 pages from the 1984 Sears Wish Book featuring a ton of sleeping bags featuring properties like Knight Rider, Masters of the Universe, Cabbage Patch Kids and more.


Coming Up on Retro Ramblings

I’ve got some news that I’m very happy to announce, and that is Joel Geraghty is bringing his Chrononaut Chronicles, his old school wrestling reviews, to Retro Ramblings!  He does an awesome job at bringing these old wrestling shows we all loved back to life, and I’ve been a big fan of his for a while.  He is kicking things off here with his first post on Retro Ramblings by looking back at one of my favorite shows, Clash of the Champions 1 from 1988!  You can look for that to hit the site on Tuesday, but until then, you can check out some of his work at Scott’s Blog of Doom, and his own site at The Chrononaut Chronicles.

As for me, I’ve got some stuff lined up for this week including an installment of Retro Comic Book ads, where I go back through a random comic from the past and go through all the fun old ads.  This week’s Top 5 Tuesday post is on My Favorite Retro Modes of Transportation.  Then on Wednesday I’m looking back at a fun old featured of grocery stores everywhere, and to late in the week I’ll be remembering my favorite Nintendo game, since I spent so much space talking about Nintendo earlier this week.

The Best of the Rest

I ran across a lot of cool retro stuff this week, so here are the links to what I dug the most.

Which Fast Food Chains Sold These Menu Items Quiz – MeTV
Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 2 – Hoju Koolander
Tiny Tributes to Minor Monsters, #1 – Dinosaur Dracula
Nor’Easter With a Temper:  Remembering the Blizzard of 1996 – Retroist
In Defense of Fester’s Quest – Retrojunk
The Great Sci-Fi Toy Slump of 1979 – Plaid Stallions
41 Things You Definitely Had in Your Bedroom in the 90’s – BuzzFeed Rewind
80’s Show, Critters, is Making a Comeback – Like Totally 80’s
Kickstarter:  Toy Sales Add Up to Billions – Battlegrip
30 Awesome Record Ads From the 1970s – Flashbak
22 Wacky ‘As Seen on TV’ Products Sold By K-Tel in the 1970s – MeTV
Trading Card Treasures Volume 2 – Hoju Koolander
Five Retro TV Commercials Part 20 – Dinosaur Dracula
Do You Remember These 80’s Horror Novels? – Like Totally 80’s
The Joy of Lunchables – Retrojunk
The Secret Reason McDonald’s Cokes Taste Better Than All the Other Cokes – Do You Remember


Retro Rambler’s Weekly Wrap Up for First Week of 2018


Welcome to 2018 everyone, and I hope it is a great year for you.  Hopefully even better than whatever your 2017 was like.  I had a good year here on the blog, but it could have been much better if I had just stuck with what I had originally intended this place to be.  I’m not going to go into any details about all of that here in the Wrap Up, but you can read all about it in my post from a few days ago here:  The Past, Present & Future of Retro Ramblings.

Anyway, moving on the Wrap Up…in case you don’t already know, the Weekly Wrap Up is where I go over some highlights from the past week, and share all kinds of cool links to other fun retro content I’ve found in the previous seven days while surfing the net.  First up, in case you were busy during the holiday season and missed any of my latest posts, here they are:


Did You Miss These?

Best of Retro Ramblings 2017 – A look back at what was statistically the top posts of the past year here on the blog.

He-Man Sweat Suits From 1984 – A scan I posted of a page from the 1984 Sears Wish Book featuring He-Man clothing.

New Year’s Eve Countdown Specials of the Past – 3 videos of old countdowns from the 80’s and 90’s.

Top 5 Tuesday:  Fads I Was Into – A quick look at the fads of the 80’s and 90’s that I was way into.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Supercards ’87 – Scans of all 19 pages of PWI’s great coverage of Wrestlemania 3 and other supercards that year.

The Buffalo Bills’ Dramatic History in the Playoffs – I look back at two of the most exciting games in NFL playoff history, both featuring the Buffalo Bills.


Recent Uploads To the Retro Ramblings YouTube Channel

1985 Honey Nut Cheerios Commercial with Hulk Hogan
Fox New Year’s Eve Live from 1992
MTV’s 1992 New Year’s Eve Special
MTV’s 1982 New Year’s Eve Rock and Roll Ball
Ghostbusters II Toys at Hardee’s Commercial from 1989

Other Great Retro Stuff From Around the Web

I spend a great deal of my time roaming around the vastness of the internet looking for cool retro content and nostalgic stuff, so I come across a lot of fun stuff worth sharing.  For one, it gives you a chance to discover something you may not have stumbled across yet, and two, it helps put the spotlight on the creators.  I can tell you from experience, that a lot of work goes into writing these things and curating all the great retro themed content these guys and gals produce.  So here is some of the best that I’ve come across in the last week:

Continue reading “Retro Rambler’s Weekly Wrap Up for First Week of 2018”

Best of Retro Ramblings 2017

Another year has passed here at Retro Ramblings, and what a fun year it has been.  I’ve personally had a lot of fun putting together the articles that have been published here this year, and loads of fun going through old magazines and catalogs looking for great old ads to share with everyone.  I’ve had a LOT of new visitors who seem to have enjoyed a lot of what we’ve done as well.  I thought during this slow week of the year between Christmas and the new year, I’d stop for a moment to reflect on all the new content that has went up, and see what what was read and shared the most.  Maybe you somehow missed these popular posts, so here is your chance to check them out if you haven’t already done so, or maybe you will just want to check them out again.  So here are the top five posts from the year that was 2017 on Retro Ramblings.



Pizza Hut Interior

01.  Back When Pizza Hut Was An Experience

For a long time, I had thought back to the glory days of my childhood and how much I missed the experience that was a trip to our local Pizza Hut with the family.  I sat down and put all those memories together for this article, and it turned into the longest piece I have done on the site.  Once it went live, it took off and went viral.  As it turns out, many people besides myself also lament the good old days of Pizza Hut.


Wendy's Superbar

02.  Why Wendy’s Ain’t Like It Used To Be

Following on the heels of the article, Back When Pizza Hut Was An Experience, I looked back on another fast food establishment that I used to love visiting with the family when I was a kid.  So much has changed about Wendy’s through the years that it is almost a completely different place today.


03.  Vintage Holiday Recipes From 1967

While browsing through an old issue of McCall’s magazine from 1967, I came across this wonderful insert of recipes featuring popular brands of the day.  I scanned in all the pages, and added comments to each picture, and it turned out that a lot of folks loved seeing these old recipes.  Even though this post went live in the last month of the year, it skyrocketed to the top of the charts here on the site.  The power of sharing of Facebook is amazing.


04.  What You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite 80’s Cartoons

I sat down and did some research into cartoons of the 80’s, and was finding all kinds of little known info, so I put all those tidbits together and came up with 30 things you may not have known about your favorite one.  Like, did you know that in early concept designs, He-Man and She-Ra were written as lovers instead of siblings?  Crazy, I know.


05.  My Five Favorite G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Episodes

Back in the spring, Jason Gross from Rediscover the 80’s and myself partnered up to look at our ten favorite episodes of the series, with each of us posting about five episodes on each of our sites in a special crossover event.  The results were great, as a lot of people bounced back and forth between our two sites to check out each list.  G.I. Joe was one of my favorite cartoons, so it was a blast putting the list together, and I love Jason’s work, so it was a win all the way around.


According to the statistics, there is the best Retro Ramblings had to offer this year.  Stats aren’t always everything, so I’d love to hear from you as well.  What was your favorite thing we put up on the site this year?  Or what did you think was the best?  Let me know in the comments below.

Retro Revival Blog Challenge: Forgotten Food and Dining Experiences

Each week on Monday, I post a new topic here on Retro Ramblings.  The topics will be centered mostly around a retro theme to get your mind going back in time a little bit.  Anyone who is interested, and has a blog, website, YouTube channel, or social media account can contribute to the weekly topic, and respond by the following Sunday.  Once the article, blog post, video, or whatever is posted, the writer must leave a comment on the topic page along with a URL to his/her article.

If you are posting a response via social media, be sure to tag it with the hashtag, #RetroRevival (and you may also want to tag me on Twitter @yesterdayville) to ensure that I don’t miss it.

Every blog that contributes to the weekly topic should include links to some of the other contributing sites.  This is optional, but the more people who do this, the more traffic will be generated for all of us.  There is a distinct advantage to getting your post up earlier in the week, but don’t feel like you need to rush your post.

This Week’s Topic

This week, I thought it would be fun to go back in time and talk about some food item that you miss from years ago, or some fast food item that is no longer available, or even some kind of restaurant or dining experience that just isn’t the same anymore.  I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.  Myself, I’ll be putting something up later this week about how Pizza Hut just isn’t like it used to be.

Be sure to keep checking back here as I’ll be adding links to all the entries to this post.

If you have any more questions about the Retro Revival Blog Challenge, check out our page here for more info.

Participants This Week:

2 Minute Toy Break looks back when you could smoke in restaurants
Mr. Smith’s Plastic Hideaway looks back at some of his favorite local restaurants, and expounds on his Dad’s homemade breakfast.

Do You Remember Tom Corbett, Space Cadet?

Tom Corbett Space Cadet

As television rose to prominence in the early 1950’s, it provided a new entertainment frontier for science fiction to conquer. The result was a flood of sci-fi shows like Captain Video, Space Patrol, and the ever-popular Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. Tom Corbett began his life as a character in Robert Heinlein’s 1948 novel Space Cadet. Two years later, he received his own 15-minute television show. That program’s success inspired a wide-range of tie-in items that included eight novels, a line of comic books, Halloween costumes, and (of course) plenty of toys.

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet stood apart from other space operas of the time because its main character was a teen. Since the show’s kid viewers identified with Tom, it was natural that they would want to re-enact his adventures at the Space Academy when playtime rolled around. Toy manufacturers picked up on this and produced a large assortment of toys for budding space cadets to snap up. Like many shows of its era, Tom Corbett, Space Cadet made toys available for its fans both at toy stores and as premium items available by mail or inside cereal boxes.

Tom Corbett Space Cadet SHip

Premium toys included rocket balloons, a membership kit that came complete with a decoder, a cardboard helmet with a one-way plastic “viewport,” and space goggles. One of the most amusing premium items was a set of ‘Space-O-Phones,’ a futuristic-looking plastic update of the ‘tin-can telephones’ that had been popular with kids for decades. There were also Tom Corbett, Space Cadet premiums that fans could get by purchasing the item they came with, like the free Space Rings inside boxes of Pep Cereal.

In the toy stores, Corbett fanatics could treat themselves to an array of space gadgetry. The coolest of these by far were the colorful, handsomely designed ray gun toys. There was the Space Cadet Sparkling Gun, a tommy-gun-like toy that spat sparks, and the Atomic Pistol, which let out a beam of light and made a buzzing noise when fired. Other interstellar weaponry included the Space Gun and the Space Rifle. The latter looked like a comic book weapon brought to life, making it a prized find for sci-fi toy collectors today.

Tom Corbett Space Cadet Sparkling Gun

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet ended its successful run in 1955, and the toy line was retired around that time. No attempts have been made to revive the show since then, but the popularity of the show and the merchandise it inspired live on today. Corbett merchandise, especially the prized toy ray guns, regularly changes hands among collectors and traders. The continued popularity of these toys is easy to understand—as long as people have a soft spot for the sci-fi shows that fired their imaginations as children, there will always be room on the collector’s shelf for Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

Eerie Indiana

Eerie Indiana

This ultra-quirky sitcom was notable for any reasons. Not only did it place the family sitcom in a unique setting and situation, its sophisticated handling of its paranormal elements also paved the way for later non-sitcom shows like The X-Files and Roswell.

The show focused on Marshall Teller, a young man who felt quite homesick when his inventor father, Edgar, uprooted the family from their New Jersey home and moved them to Eerie, a small town in Indiana. Also along for the ride were Marilyn, Marshall’s mom, and Syndi, his narcissistic older sister. Marshall’s post-move depression quickly gave way to bemusement when he took stock of his new surroundings. Continue reading “Eerie Indiana”