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Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day

For those of you residing here in the U.S.A. like myself, I’d just like to say have a happy and safe 4th of July.  Hopefully, you’ll be enjoying the day in some old fashioned way.  Perhaps you plan to play a spirited game of Lawn Darts, or maybe you’ll fire up the BBQ and then hit the pool before unleashing a barrage of dangerous and illegal fireworks!  For me and the little Ramblers here, we’re taking a page out of The Sandlot’s kids playbook, and will be enjoying a night baseball game.  We’ll be heading up the road to watch a minor league game while chowing down on some ballpark food fare like hot dogs, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and ice cream.  But whatever you get into, stay safe and enjoy!

– Retro Rambler

New Giveaway on Twitter!

Over on twitter, I’m running a giveaway where you can win the He-Man and Skeletor custom minifigure set pictured above.  It’s easy to enter….all you’ve got to do is follow me on twitter @yesterdayville, and retweet the contest tweet pinned at the top of my profile there.  Do that, and you’re in.  This contest ends Tuesday June 26, 2018.  Click here to go directly to the tweet that you need to retweet to enter.

If you don’t win this contest, don’t fret, you’ll have plenty more opportunities throughout the summer to win cool prizes.  I’m going to be running over 20 contests on my various social media channels over the rest of the summer, so check me out on each so you don’t miss the next chance to win.  Here’s where you can find me:

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Retro Round Up for the First Week of March 2018

Retro Round Up


Welcome back once again for another edition of the Retro Round Up!  This is where I look back at the previous week here on Retro Ramblings, and look ahead to some stuff I’ve got coming up, as well as throw out some links to some of the cool retro posts and articles I’ve stumbled across on the web recently.

So let’s start with looking back at some of the newest content here on Retro Ramblings.  If you haven’t already, I hope you give them a look and leave some of your thoughts and memories in the comments section on each post.

What you may have missed:

Music Monday:  Week of February 19 – Eric Vardeman is doing a great job here on the site, and his ongoing look back at the Billboard charts from 35 years ago in 1983, accompanied by playlist, is fascinating.  It’s fun to look back at how quickly and slowly some of the iconic songs of the time period rise and fall on the charts.

Forgotten Food:  Dr. Pepper Gum of the 1980’s – You all know by now, that one of the most nostalgic things for me is food. Especially food that we no longer have with us, and this post was all about one of my favorite bubble gum’s of the 80’s.

Nintendo Nostalgia:  Castlevania 2, Simon’s Quest – A look back at my absolute favorite video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Simon’s Quest.

Nintendo Nostalgia:  Retro Ad for the Game Genie – The Game Genie changed the way we played video games back in the day, and in this post I detail the memories of the first time I got my hands on one, and a kick ass old print ad for it to go along with the post.

1983 NBC Saturday Morning Cartoons Lineup – This is one gorgeous ad from the early 80’s detailing all the new and returning cartoons to the Saturday morning lineup in 1983.

Back When Pizza Hut Was An Experience:  The Video! – Since the Pizza Hut article has been the biggest smash on the site all time, I thought it was only fitting that it be the subject of my first YouTube video.  It’s a video version of the article where I detail all the things that made Pizza Hut great in the 80’s.  IF you watch it, do me a solid and subscribe to my channel while you’re there.  I’ve got a lot more videos on the way that I don’t think you’ll want to miss.

Retro Round Table:  Favorite Television Shows of the 90’s – Some of my friends and colleagues returned once more to share their opinion on a subject, and we tackled our favorite TV shows of the 90’s.  Many thanks to Jason Gross, Hoju Koolander, and Eric Vardeman for taking part as always.

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Retro Revival Blog Challenge: Forgotten Food and Dining Experiences

Each week on Monday, I post a new topic here on Retro Ramblings.  The topics will be centered mostly around a retro theme to get your mind going back in time a little bit.  Anyone who is interested, and has a blog, website, YouTube channel, or social media account can contribute to the weekly topic, and respond by the following Sunday.  Once the article, blog post, video, or whatever is posted, the writer must leave a comment on the topic page along with a URL to his/her article.

If you are posting a response via social media, be sure to tag it with the hashtag, #RetroRevival (and you may also want to tag me on Twitter @yesterdayville) to ensure that I don’t miss it.

Every blog that contributes to the weekly topic should include links to some of the other contributing sites.  This is optional, but the more people who do this, the more traffic will be generated for all of us.  There is a distinct advantage to getting your post up earlier in the week, but don’t feel like you need to rush your post.

This Week’s Topic

This week, I thought it would be fun to go back in time and talk about some food item that you miss from years ago, or some fast food item that is no longer available, or even some kind of restaurant or dining experience that just isn’t the same anymore.  I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.  Myself, I’ll be putting something up later this week about how Pizza Hut just isn’t like it used to be.

Be sure to keep checking back here as I’ll be adding links to all the entries to this post.

If you have any more questions about the Retro Revival Blog Challenge, check out our page here for more info.

Participants This Week:

2 Minute Toy Break looks back when you could smoke in restaurants
Mr. Smith’s Plastic Hideaway looks back at some of his favorite local restaurants, and expounds on his Dad’s homemade breakfast.

Tom Corbett

Do You Remember Tom Corbett, Space Cadet?

Tom Corbett Space Cadet

As television rose to prominence in the early 1950’s, it provided a new entertainment frontier for science fiction to conquer. The result was a flood of sci-fi shows like Captain Video, Space Patrol, and the ever-popular Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. Tom Corbett began his life as a character in Robert Heinlein’s 1948 novel Space Cadet. Two years later, he received his own 15-minute television show. That program’s success inspired a wide-range of tie-in items that included eight novels, a line of comic books, Halloween costumes, and (of course) plenty of toys.

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet stood apart from other space operas of the time because its main character was a teen. Since the show’s kid viewers identified with Tom, it was natural that they would want to re-enact his adventures at the Space Academy when playtime rolled around. Toy manufacturers picked up on this and produced a large assortment of toys for budding space cadets to snap up. Like many shows of its era, Tom Corbett, Space Cadet made toys available for its fans both at toy stores and as premium items available by mail or inside cereal boxes.

Tom Corbett Space Cadet SHip

Premium toys included rocket balloons, a membership kit that came complete with a decoder, a cardboard helmet with a one-way plastic “viewport,” and space goggles. One of the most amusing premium items was a set of ‘Space-O-Phones,’ a futuristic-looking plastic update of the ‘tin-can telephones’ that had been popular with kids for decades. There were also Tom Corbett, Space Cadet premiums that fans could get by purchasing the item they came with, like the free Space Rings inside boxes of Pep Cereal.

In the toy stores, Corbett fanatics could treat themselves to an array of space gadgetry. The coolest of these by far were the colorful, handsomely designed ray gun toys. There was the Space Cadet Sparkling Gun, a tommy-gun-like toy that spat sparks, and the Atomic Pistol, which let out a beam of light and made a buzzing noise when fired. Other interstellar weaponry included the Space Gun and the Space Rifle. The latter looked like a comic book weapon brought to life, making it a prized find for sci-fi toy collectors today.

Tom Corbett Space Cadet Sparkling Gun

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet ended its successful run in 1955, and the toy line was retired around that time. No attempts have been made to revive the show since then, but the popularity of the show and the merchandise it inspired live on today. Corbett merchandise, especially the prized toy ray guns, regularly changes hands among collectors and traders. The continued popularity of these toys is easy to understand—as long as people have a soft spot for the sci-fi shows that fired their imaginations as children, there will always be room on the collector’s shelf for Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.