The Official 25 Days of Christmas 2019 Movie Schedule

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? That’s right, the official movie schedule for Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas has been released! Check out the line-up below, and tell us which movies you’re most looking forward to watching in the comments. Sunday, December 1 7am/6c Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish 9:05am/8:05c Deck the Halls (2006) 11:10am/10:10c Arthur Christmas 1:15pm/12:15c The Simpsons Holiday-thon 2:45pm/1:45c The …..[CONTINUE]

Wax Pack Flashback: American Gladiator Cards from 1991

I’ve been going through some more old packs of non-sports cards this week and thought it would be a good time to do another wax pack flashback here so the rest of you could share some of the joy of flipping through those old cards.  This time we’re looking at American Gladiator cards from 1991. American Gladiators was in my …..[CONTINUE]

Thoughts on the Riverdale Season 3 Finale

Well, we finally got around to watching the Season 3 finale of Riverdale last night, and I was a little underwhelmed.  The reveal of Chic as the Gargoyle King, with Penelope Blossom as the mastermind behind the whole thing both just seemed to come out of left field. I think Chic was inserted into the role for perceived shock value, …..[CONTINUE]

Saturday Morning Cartoons of 1985

Saturday mornings in 2019 are a far cry from the Saturday mornings of 1985.  Hell, it’s been that way since the late 1990’s when the networks started phasing out their cartoon lineups in favor of other programming on Saturdays.  I’m not sure what caused the change unless it was the fact that cable television was a staple in most homes …..[CONTINUE]

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