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Retro Rerun Review: Happy Days

The Show: Happy Days 

Ran for:  255 episodes over 11 seasons, from 1974 to 1984.

What it’s about: A ginger teen and his normal Milwaukee family and friends living life from the mid 50s through the mid 60s.

My relationship with it: I’ve seen a lot of episodes. You know, after they originally aired. When I was 6, I wanted to be the Fonz. Because shouldn’t we all aspire to be some weird middle aged greaser who lives above a family’s garage and hangs out with a bunch of teenagers?

This Episode: “Haunted” from season 2, episode 6.

Original Air Date: October 29th, 1974. (Fun fact: this was the only episode directed by creator Garry Marshall.)

We open at Arnold’s, the diner where all the kids hang out and Weezer sometimes performs, and patrons are hanging up decorations outside. There is some snappy back and forth between a waitress and a guy name “Bag.” I don’t remember if “Bag” was a regular character, but his name is terrible. Anyway, after a joke, we are inside Arnold’s at a table with Ralph Malph, Potsie and Richie Cunningham. Ralph is talking about his upcoming Halloween party. Richie is afraid that BAG and THE DEMONS (!) will be there. Ralph says, well, no, because guess where I’m having it— that’s right, the old Simpson place. Richie and Potsie are scared because it’s haunted, right, but Ralph is like, no, that’s just a story and he goes on to explain that their dates will want them more in a scary house which is sound reasoning. He asks Richie to go by before to make sure the house is “extra spooky and cobwebby” which is a random request.

In the next scene, Richie is pulling up outside the old Simpson place. It looks damned haunted. Joanie, his sister, is with him because he’s supposed to be taking her to her Chipmunk meeting, which I presume is like Girl Scouts only it’s related to small woodland creatures and not girls. She refuses to go in and relays a couple of questionable stories about how everyone who goes in there gets decapitated. This is pretty heavy stuff for a primetime family sitcom. Anyway, Richie convinces her to go in with him.

They go into the house and spooky organ music starts. Richie points out a painting of old Mrs. Simpson on the wall and says, “see, not decapitated,” then the haunted-ass painting FALLS OFF THE WALL and Joanie flees the scene. For some reason, Richie keeps checking the place out. He opens a closet and all we see is a shot of his terrified face and the previously creepy organ music gets super Parliament Funkadelic and Richie nopes the eff out, too. They hop in the car and peel out in terror.


Back at home, Richie tells his dad that they stopped by the old Simpson place on their way home. Mr. Cunningham is like, “yo, that place has been haunted since *I* was a kid.” Anyway, Richie gets all serious and admits to his dad that he saw a headless body in the closet. His dad says, “oh, no you didn’t” and asks why Richie was there in the first place. Richie explains that they are having a party there and his dad is like, “huh. I wouldn’t be caught dead there,” which is a joke, right, but my thing is, why is his dad OK with Richie and his friends having a rager in an abandoned house?

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Music Monday – Week of October 22


Music Monday

US Top 40 Singles for the Week Ending October 22, 1983
In honor of Spooktober 2018, we have two playlists for you today. First, our regular countdown from 1983. Not only does Bonnie Tyler still hold the top spot but, with this weeks debuts on the chart, there are so many iconic 80’s songs on the chart right now.

Second, we have an 80’s themed Halloween playlist. Even though the original “Halloween” technically was a 70’s movie, installments 2-5 came out in the 80’s. Plus I just love the song. Next week we’ll have another 80’s theme Halloween playlist: Hair Nation Halloween.

Retro Rerun Review: Kate and Allie

The Show: Kate & Allie 

Ran for:  122 episodes— 6 seasons from 1984 to 1989.

What it’s about: Two lady detectives? I really don’t know. I assume they were detectives. And possibly lovers.

My relationship with it: None, clearly. I’m sure I’ve seen bits and pieces of episodes, but it was when I was young and not the target audience for lesbian detective shows. 

This Episode: Season 4, Episode 6— “Halloween II”

Original Air Date: October 27, 1986

Kate and Allie are walking down the street and there is a very fancy car parked at the curb. They stop and talk about it for a long period of time like normal people do when they see a nice car. They are mad that the car owner— who they assume is a man— spent this much on a car when he could have given the money to charity. This is a weird hill to die on. Anyway, they walk off and the car phone rings, then goes to the answering machine and it is a woman on the message. “You have reached the phone of Dr. Walker…” So, I’m not sure if this is funny because they thought it was a guy and it’s a woman or if it’s funny because it’s a doctor or if, in fact, this is funny at all. I also wonder if this will be mentioned again or if it was totally pointless.

Now the doorbell rings and Kate-or-Allie (whichever one is Jane Curtin) answers and it is trick-or-treaters. The woman WITH the trick-or-treaters is Gloria Greenley, someone who Kate-or-Allie apparently knows. Then they leave and some other trick-or-treaters come. Then they leave and two older guys show up. One of them says, “we’re here for your daughters,” then he introduces himself as Dr. Frankenstein, then he shakes her hand and his fake hand comes off. Kate-or-Allie calls up the stairs for “Jenny” and “Emma” who might be her daughters, I guess? Two boys come down instead, one of whom is Kate-or-Allie’s son, and one who looks like a discount AC Slater. Dr. Frankenstein says, “which one of you is Jenny,” which is creepy. Kate-or-Allie stops the boys and searches their persons. She finds eggs, presumably for mischief-making. Expositionally, we learn that there is a parade on the street just outside.

Allie-or-Kate comes down the stairs, and she is dressed as Peter Cottontail. Okay, she calls Jane Curtin “Allie,” so I can stop with the ___-or-___ nonsense. Everyone leaves except for Kate and Allie. Allie says, “why do I feel a lecture coming on?” Kate is mad that Allie isn’t dressed up or seemingly even into Halloween. She tells her she’s going to make her into a ghost.

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Midnight Drive-In: In Search Of… Marathon

Midnight Drive-In

Well friends, it’s still Spooktober at Retro Ramblings, and the Midnight Drive-In is honoring that fact with another spooky selection for tonight.  In Search Of… starring Leonard Nimoy was an unintentional spooky show most of the time, so tonight, we’re going back in time and hosting a marathon of several of their most “Halloweeny” episodes.  Find something good to munch on, settle in, and get ready for Spock to chill you to the bone with his tales.

The Mummy’s Curse






Haunted Castles


The Amityville Horror


Dreams and Nightmares

Midnight Drive-In: House II

Midnight Drive-In

It’s time once again for another trip to the Midnight Drive-In, sponsored by Retro Ramblings.  For tonight’s feature, we’ve got a campy, but overly fun offering for Spooktober in the form of House II:  The Second Story.  Released in 1987, House II features he new owner of a sinister house getting involved with reanimated corpses and demons searching for an ancient Aztec skull with magic powers.  So settle in and enjoy this Halloween treat!


Midnight Drive-In: Halloween TV Episodes

Midnight Drive-In

Howdy neighbors,and welcome back once again to the Midnight Drive-In here on Retro Ramblings.  We’re right smack dab in the middle of Spooktober, so it’s time for some more spooky retro offerings here at the Drive-In.  Tonight’s selection is a fun little marathon of Halloween episodes from some of your favorite old shows.  Get some popcorn ready, and settle in for a night spooky fun!

The Facts of Life


The Fall Guy


Happy Days


Adventures of Pete and Pete


Highway to Heaven

Wax Pack Flashback: Ghostbusters II Trading Cards from 1989

It’s time to pull another pack of old cards from the vault and rip them open to see what we find inside.  With Halloween right around the corner, I turned to a pack that is somewhat appropriate for the season, and selected Ghostbusters II cards from 1989.  Produced by Topps, this was a 99 card set featuring scenes from the movie.  Well, 88 cards and 11 stickers.

As part of any good marketing machine from that time period, a set of trading cards were produced to capitalize on the anticipated success of the movie.  These cards really hold no value in modern times, except for things like this post.  So if you never had any of these cards, or if you did and just want to refresh your memory on them, check out the scans below.

Ghostbusters II Trading Cards

Ghostbusters II Trading Cards

Ghostbusters II Trading Cards

Ghostbusters II Trading Cards

Ghostbusters II Trading Cards