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TV Guide Fall Preview Flashback – Highway to Heaven from 1984

Highway to Heaven

Here we are once again with a TV Guide Fall Preview Flashback, this time with Highway to Heaven from 1984.  I never watched this show in prime time in it’s original run, but I can remember watching it weekday afternoons after school in syndication.  It was usually on in the background while I was doing homework, but I caught enough of it through the years to know it’s a show I like.

It’s on Netflix now, si I’m thinking about giving it a shot from an older perspective to see what I think about it now.

Vintage Ad for Nestle Quik Featuring the GoBots

I never saw this ad when I was a kid, and never knew about the contest.  This kinda surprises me since we always had Quik in the kitchen, and my Mom knew I was a big fan of the Gobots.  I would think that if she had seen this promotion on the box of Quick, she would have brought it to my attention.