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Retro Halloween Advertisement for Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid Halloween

Whether it be the 60’s, 70’s, 890’s, 90’s, or even today, you can never go wrong with Kool-Aid.  The orange is a natural for a Halloween party, but so are the varieties in red colors.  My aunt used to always have Orange Kool-Aid at her Halloween parites, and she had to keep going back to make more, because we guzzled that stuff like we had just walked across the Sahara.

Coleco Games and Hostess Snack Cakes Retro Advertisement from 1982

Man, that Coleco Football game took up a lot of hours of my youth, and I know I’ve eaten more than my fair share of Hostess Cakes through the years.  This ad from 1982 combines both of these wonderful treats in a nostalgia overload!  Seeing the old packaging for the Twinkies, Suzy Q’s, and Cup Cakes really takes me back.  And even though you can find ways to replicate the Coleco games today, nothing beats having that old game in the palm of your hands.  It makes me want to call up my cousin Tim and see if he wants to come over for an afternoon of football and Ho Ho’s.