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Vintage Ad for McDonald’s Salads from 1987

McDonald's Salad

C’mon McDonald’s, of all the products and deliciousness you’re known for, salad isn’t one of them.  Spend your advertising dollars on something like a Happy Meal, or the Big Mac.  I can’t speak with certainty about anyone else, but I have never intentionally made a trip to McDonald’s to get a salad.  But kudos to them for trying I guess, as they stated their case in this ad to try and reel in the health conscience crowd of 1987.

Monday Night Football Ad from Sept. 10, 1984

You know I’m a big fan of old TV Guide ads, and this being a Monday, I thought I would share this old TV Guide ad from 1984 for the game on September 10 of that year between the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers.  The 49ers beat the Redskins in a 37-31 thriller in a battle between Hall of Fame QB’s Joe Montana and Joe Theismann.

You’ll also notice how liberal the advertising for alcohol was back in the days before the government intervened and put the kibosh on it.  Bud Light was the official sponsor of Monday Night Football, and took almost half the page with their beer ad.