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Who Remembers McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal Pails?

McDonald's Halloween Happy Meals

Right there on the advertisement, it says these are safe for children of all ages.  Well, I’m a thirty-something kid at heart, so I want these in my life again.

As a kid, it was a big deal to me to see these advertised in commercials, and wait anxiously for the day my Mom would take me out for a Happy Meal and I could get one.  Once she saw them, she thought the bucket itself was an incredible value, so we went each Saturday until we had two of each design.  And that wasn’t just for this one year, that was every year they had these things available.  Even the original run that were all jack-o-lantern themed with different faces on them.

I used them to trick-or-treat with, and then they would spend the rest of the year as storage for various toys and gadgets in my room.  My Mom used them to store clothespins in for taking laundry out to hang on the line.  I used to think that was such a waste for such an awesome bucket, but now as an adult (somewhat), I think it’s cool that she kept the Halloween theme on parade all spring and summer long as she took the laundry out.

What about you?  Did you have these too?  What kind of use did you put them to when Halloween had come and gone?

Do You Remember These Willow Magic Cups from Wendys?

Willow Magic Cups

When the movie Willow came out, Wendy’s had a Willow themed kid’s meal, and these Magic Cups were the “toy” that were inculded with them.  The images on them were one color when empty, and changed color when filled with a cold liquid.  I had the cup on the far right, and used it for years, long enough for the image to start fading and peeling off.

For some reason these cups just popped into my mind today, and man did it cause some nostalgia come flooding back.  Do any of you remember these?

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