CBS Will Ring in the Holiday’s With Broadcasts of Animated Classics

This holiday season, CBS continues its merry tradition as a destination for annual broadcasts of the beloved classics RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER and FROSTY THE SNOWMAN, as well as encore presentations of the animated specials FROSTY RETURNS, THE STORY OF SANTA CLAUS and ROBBIE THE REINDEER, which is voiced by an array of celebrities, including Ben Stiller, Britney Spears and Hugh Grant.

2020 Schedule for Animated Holiday Specials on CBS

Friday, November 27, 2020

Frosty, that “jolly, happy soul” whose old silk hat full of magic has turned him into a musical Christmas legend, once again demonstrates his unique showmanship. Narrated by Jimmy Durante, the special also includes the voices of Jackie Vernon (as Frosty) and Billy De Wolfe (as Professor Hinkle).


The magic still in his old silk hat, the holiday season’s perennially popular original dancing snowman continues his adventure and skates on the edge of danger. Jonathan Winters is the narrator with John Goodman as the voice of Frosty.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

In this animated special, Robbie must train to compete in the Reindeer Races to become a part of the sleigh team for Santa.


In the second of two 30-minute specials, Robbie battles Blitzen in an effort to stop his nemesis’s launch of a reindeer theme park. Britney Spears, James Woods, Leah Remini, and Jerry Stiller are among the additional stars to lend their voices.


This animated musical holiday special revolves around a gentle toymaker whose only wish is to deliver a toy to every child on Christmas. The voices of Betty White and Tim Curry are featured.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Narrated by Burl Ives, who is also heard as the voice of Sam the Snowman, this favorite is a music story based on the popular song of the same name by Johnny Marks. It recounts the tale of a shy reindeer whose Christmas spirit is dampened because his shiny nose has made him the laughing stock of all of Christmasville.

Bette Midler Confirms the Original Sanderson Sisters Will Return for the Hocus Pocus Sequel

Bette Midler herself has confirmed she will be reprising her role as Winifred Sanderson, accompanied by her on-screen sisters Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as fellow witches. Midler she and the others were approached to star in the remake of the classic 1993 Halloween movie, to which she gladly agreed.

“They want to make a movie, they’ve asked us if we were interested and of course all of us said yes,” Midler told Fox 5. “I’m game, I’m totally game.”

While the original was a box office bomb, it has since gone on to become a cult favorite during the Halloween season. Earlier this month the Disney film was number one on the NPD VideoScan First Alert chart for two weeks in a row, a list that tracks combined DVD and Blu-ray disc sales. Hocus Pocus has historically ranked in the top five for sales in Octobers past.

For five years in a row, Hocus Pocus has also topped Vudu’s list of most popular Halloween movies on the video-on-demand service. The 1993 comedy has conjured up a place in tradition as viewers flock to rewatch it each year.

Binge Watch the ’90s Cartoon ‘Tales From the Crypt Keeper’ This Halloween Season

Make the most out of this Halloween season and go back to the ’90s at the same time by watching Tales From the Crypt Keeper, the early ’90s Saturday morning hit.

Click above to watch Tales From the Crypt Keeper

The 1950’s introduced us to Tales From the Crypt, a wry, sardonic E.C. Comics series that turned the saccharine theme of good versus evil on its head.

Like its comic predecessor and the HBO horror anthology it inspired, the 1990’s animated series Tales from the Cryptkeeper maintained a cool distance from the “nice” cartoons that littered Saturday mornings.

The ABC network and Nelvana studios made a deal to obtain the rights of the EC Comics’ character, Cryptkeeper, from his new owners, filmmakers Richard Donner, Walter Hill, Robert Zemeckis, Joel Silver, and David Giler. The Cryptkeeper was then animated into a wisecracking skeleton who told tales of moral comeuppance, much like the original comic.

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Tom and Jerry Halloween Special

Tom & Jerry’s TBS Funhouse Halloween Special

On an old episode of The Retro Network Podcast, Tony Grate and I discussed some of our favorite Halloween specials from through the years, and one of my favorites was always the Tom & Jerry’s TBS Funhouse Halloween Special.  Back in the late ’80s, Ted Turner and TBS launched Tom & Jerry’s TBS Funhouse.  It was an hour and a half cartoon block every morning and afternoon where they combined Tom & Jerry shorts with Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, shorts from the Droopy library, and Popeye cartoons.  It was a really fun block with great variety.  During the holiday seasons, they kicked it up a notch and put together specials for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

These specials would usually air several times in the weeks leading up to the holiday, and they selected appropriate shorts to fit the theme.  Mixed in with the cartoon shorts were live-action bumpers filmed with Josh Jarboe and Audra Lee of the TBS show, Kid’s Beat.  They would dress up and tell jokes or give history about the holiday featured in the special.

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