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Forgotten Food: Del Monte Pudding in a Can

  Kids who came along in the early ’90s and later can have their Hunt’s Snack Packs, or their Swiss Miss from the dairy aisle. For me, the king of the hill when it came to pre-packaged pudding was Del … Continue reading

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Vintage Holiday Recipes From 1967

If you’re looking for some unique recipe to whip up that will wow your holiday crowd, look no further than this collection of weird, yet, delicious looking treats from 1967! Continue reading

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Christmas Junk Food: Hostess Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Mini Donuts

Its that time of year again when all the new Christmas themed junk food starts rolling out, and I found quite a winner. Hostess new Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow mini donuts! They’re soft and delicious and could be the front-runner on my list of favorite Christmas junk food this season. Continue reading

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Forgotten Food: Morning Funnies Cereal

If you’ve ever read much of what I’ve written, you should know by now that food is one of the more nostalgic things in my life.  I can tie so many great memories to different foods, meals, and restaurants that … Continue reading

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My Favorite Halloween Treats

This post is sponsored by  StickerYou was created to empower businesses and individuals to make the best custom die-cut sticky products – whether it be for their marketing or personal expression. They enable you to make what matters stick!  … Continue reading

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Why Wendy’s Ain’t the Same Anymore

Wendy’s has changed a lot through the last 20 years, and not for the better. Take a look at all the ways it has gone wrong, and why it just ain’t the same as it used to be. Continue reading

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Forgotten Food: McDonald’s McD.L.T.

The McDonald’s McDLT gets mentioned on its fair share of fondly remembered foods lists and for good reason. Of all the great, and horrible, things to ever grace the menu of McDonald’s, the McDLT was one of the best items … Continue reading

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