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The Yearly Harvest Festival at School

With fall most certainly in the air these days, and Halloween not too far away now, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what used to be one of the highlights of my year…the annual Harvest Festival at my elementary school.

I’m using the term fall festival so more of you will know what I’m referring to.  But when I was in elementary school, ours was called the Harvest Festival.  Living in a farming community in the heart of the Appalachians, harvest time has always been a big deal to the people around here.  A good harvest was always a reason to celebrate, as the livelihood of most in this area depended on it.  The way nature works, the end of the harvest season lines up nicely with the Halloween season.  Thus, we had a Harvest Festival at school instead of calling it a Fall Festival, or a Monster Mash, or other names I’ve heard these events referred to.

So you’ve probably been to one of these things.  The kids dress up, there are games and events, the parents wander around and congregate, and a good time is usually had by all.  Ours was always held at our elementary school and was the biggest event on the school calendar with the exception of the end-of-year banquet and graduation ceremonies.

The gymnasium was filled with cheesy carnival-type games where you could win prizes.  You know the kinds of games I’m talking about.  Like the kiddie pool filled with plastic ducks, and on the bottoms of a few of the ducks was some kind of indicator of a better prize than normal.  Everyone got something like a piece of candy or a spider ring just for playing, but if you pulled one of the special ducks, you may win something like a stuffed animal or the like.  So games like this littered the entire gym floor.  You had to buy tickets on your way in to use to play the games, and the money made from the sale of tickets was used for things around the school.


More Halloween Junk Food Finds

From this point of the year up until Christmas is the best time of the year for new junk food. It’s starting to hit stores now at a pretty good clip, and here’s what I found while in stores today. Oh, and if you missed the stuff I found last week, you can check all of it out in this post.

Monster Mash Cereal & Other Monster Cereals!

Well, this was obviously the big find of the trip, as I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the classic box Monster Cereals and the new Monster Mash. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the new Monster Mash fruit snacks, but I will continue to be on the hunt for them. Holy cow, those retro boxes are just so damn beautiful.

New Brach’s Candy Corn Flavors!

While I’m not a huge fan of candy corn these days, I am very intrigued by these newer flavors. That Caramel Apply one looks really tempting.


Friday Five: McDonald’s Tray Liners

Every Friday I’m doing a quick list of five things with a common theme, and instead of doing a big write-up, I’m doing it in pictures (or videos) with just a couple of sentences to give context to the picks.

This week, let’s look at five old McDonald’s tray lines!

Batman Returns

This old liner would certainly give you something to do while enjoying your Happy Meal. Batman Returns was a big deal in 1992 when it hit theaters, and this tray liner does a great job of building the hype to younger fans like myself.

Super Mario Brothers 3

My God this thing is beautiful. These were on the trays at the same time they were doing the Super Mario Brothers 3 Happy Meals. Not only is this gorgeous to look at, but it also featured games too! That was a bonus on top of the Super Mario Brothers 3 toy you most likely had already started playing with as soon as you could get it out of your Happy Meal box.


Spotted! Fall & Halloween Junk Food

The 2021 Halloween and Fall-themed junk food season is upon us, and here are a few delicacies I’ve spotted in stores so far.

Ghostbusters After Life Cereal! I picked this up the moment I saw it. I’ve been anticipating its arrival since I was a fan of the original cereal. While the taste doesn’t measure up to what I was expecting, it’s still a pretty good cereal. Regardless of the taste, it’s still a five-star pickup just for the nostalgia.

Shriekers Skittles! We tried the Zombie Skittles in the past for the novelty of it, but biting into one of the actual foul-tasting ones just completely turned me off on the gimmick. But this Skittles is going in another direction with these Shriekers. It’s a pack of sour Skittles, but sprinkled in are some SUPER SOUR ones to catch you by surprise. We haven’t cracked them open yet, but I’m looking forward to giving them a shot.