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Digging up cool old stuff on eBay.

eBay Archeaology: Nintendo Edition

It’s time to go through some things I’ve found on eBay recently, and on my latest trip down that rabbit hole I was digging up some fun old Nintendo relics. Let me show you what I found.

Nintendo Power Glove
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I don’t know if there was ever any accessory for Nintendo than the Power Glove that has been more wanted. It was made famous by the movie The Wizard, and from the moment we saw it, gamers everywhere wanted it. Unfortunately, it couldn’t live up to the hype due to the state of technology back then, but it would still be so cool to finally own on.

The Official Nintendo Players Guide
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This one is just out of my price range considering what the item is, but when I find one a little cheaper I’ll be picking it up. Back when I got my Nintendo, it didn’t come with Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt like most did. It came with this Official Nintendo Players Guide instead. While that sounds like a bummer on the surface, it was a pretty cool book in its own right. It featured so much cool info on so many games, it helped me plan out my purchases for years to come. And thinking back on it, it holds quite a bit of nostalgia in its pages.


eBay Archaeology: Random Edition

I keep finding myself going down these eBay rabbit holes, and every time I do, I come across so much cool old stuff that I used to have or wanted to have. Here’s some of the best stuff (in my mind) that I’ve ran across in the last few days.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Pencil Toppers

I’m not sure what years these are from, but I definitely remember having them myself. Not all of them, but I did have the He-Man and Skeletor ones. Back when I was huge into all things MOTU, my Mom would not only feed my habit with the action figures, but she would also allow me to get a lot of the various licensed products as well. These things had a hole in their butts that you would jam your pencil up into causing the heroes and villains what was sure to be a horrible case of hemorrhoids. The actual application of these things was to erase pencil marks, but they sucked at that. Their real value was in they made all of your friends at school insanely jealous when they saw you rocking He-Man on top of your pencil while you filled in all of those little bubbles on the math test. And as an added bonus, if you got bored, you could just take them off the pencil and have an impromptu battle of good vs. evil break out right there on your desk. At least until the teacher saw you and took them away. Damn you Mrs. White.

Find this on eBay:


eBay Archaeology: Pizza Hut Edition

If you’ve followed me here on Retro Ramblings, or at The Retro Network, then I don’t have to tell you how I feel about Pizza Hut. But for you new folks, let me just say that Pizza Hut in the ’80s and early ’90s was my favorite dining experience. Matter of fact, the most popular thing I’ve ever written is a piece titled The Glory Days of Pizza Hut. Go ahead and check it out at TRN and then come on back and finish this post. It’ll still be here.

With those formalities out of the way, it’s time to dig into some fun Pizza Hut stuff I found while browsing on eBay. I had seen a picture on Twitter of a pack of old old Pizza Hut puffy stickers. I headed to eBay looking for them but had no luck. But I did come across the following gems.

Classic Red Cup

These cups are instant nostalgia for me. Every time I see one in a picture somewhere, it just takes me back to 1988, or 1992, or anywhere in that time frame when we would go there to eat on Friday nights.

Seasoned Personal Pan Pizza Deep Dish Pan

Holy crap. How cool it would be to make your own personal pan pizzas at home. That is if you had the ingredients needed to make one that tastes like the real thing. But it would still be cool to have regardless. Surely any homemade pizza would automatically taste better coming out of an actual Pizza Hut pan.


eBay Archeology | Hills Department Store Model!

Ok, so this isn’t a typical eBay Archeology post since I’m not showcasing something that is actually old. But holy crap how could I not bring this sweet piece of merchandise to your attention?!?

It’s a 1/160 scale model of an old Hills department store. The listing says it measures 4 inches by 10 inches. I’m not sure how that measures up to buildings from Christmas village sets or anything, but I don’t think I’d care. If I had a village, I’d certainly plop this bad boy right in the middle of town.

But as it stands, I’m probably going to pick up one of these to just put on display on a shelf somewhere in my home. I saw this thing and memories once again came flooding back. I like the thoughts of having it around just for those days you’re feeling down, you can just sit and stare at this thing and probably start feeling better right away.

It sells for $29.99 + $5.95 shipping. That’s a steal in my opinion. You can view the listing here if you’re interested in getting one.