Vintage Christmas Ads

I love old advertising, and I especially love old Christmas ads, so let’s take a look at some Christmas ads from way back when.

This ad from Gambles department store perfectly showcases what was probably some of the standard toys for the day.  That Electra Mustang Airplane is pretty cool in the fact that it could actually fly, but it wasn’t quite as advanced as the radio-controlled versions that would come in later years.  You can see that it has a string keeping it attached to a base so it just flys in a circle.  But I would bet back then, that was still exciting enough to keep kids playing with it for a long time.  And the Variety Game Chest Kit would have given kids something to do for a LONG time after Christmas had come and gone.

The Ford Pinto was one of those cars that everyone laughed at in the ’80s, but I have no idea how people felt about it when it was first on the market.  Regardless, if you were getting a new car for Christmas, I’m sure you’d be ecstatic no matter what kind of vehicle it was.

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