Fall Preview Flashback: Amazing Stories From 1985

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories is one of those rare shows that I can remember both me and my Dad both liking.  And let me tell, you, that was not an everyday thing.  We never really had much common ground where TV was concerned in those days.  Now, after I grew up, we had a lot in common, but back in ’85, this was it.

We’d watch this every Sunday night in the basement of the house I grew up in, and I can remember a lot of the time we’d have a nice cozy fire going in the fireplace.  It’s memories like that that inspires this whole blog, so I’m happy to share this look at the show via the TV Guide Fall Preview issue from that year.

Friday Five: Royal Rumble Memories

Royal Rumble Logo

With this year’s Royal Rumble coming up this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to think back on some of my favorite Royal Rumble memories and share them with you.  And what better way to do that than in this week’s Friday Five.  Without further ado, here are five of my favorite Royal Rumble memories.

Royal Rumble 88

Royal Rumble ’88 – The First One

Back in late 1987 when the first Royal Rumble was announced as being broadcast on the USA Network, I was pumped.  I had gotten to go to a friend’s house to watch Starrcade ’87, but had yet to be allowed to order a wrestling pay-per-view.  So when I found out this event was going to be free and I would get to watch it, I was bouncing off the walls.

The first Royal Rumble didn’t disappoint either.  One of my favorites at the time, Ricky Steamboat, had a match with Rick Rude, and there was the contract signing between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant for their rematch at the upcoming Wrestlemania IV.  But the big draw was their new concept in battle royals, the Royal Rumble itself.  Just the concept was enough to get me to watch the show without all the other matches.

This first one was probably the hardest to peg who was going to win.  Once they added the stipulation that the winner would get a title shot made it pretty easy to guess who was going to win each year.  But this one lacked all the real big stars and was made up of mid-card guys, making it really hard to figure out.  “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan came out on top, and I had a hell of a time watching my first “big event” live.

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Comic Book Ad From 1989 for Iron On Patches!

Man what a collection this is!  Usually, I’m all about stickers, but if could have gotten my hands on these patches back in the day, I would have my Mom iron every one of them onto my faded jean jacket!

I’m really fond of all the Nintendo ones, especially that Punch Out patch.  It would have been front and center on the left chest of my jacket.  The Nintendo logo one would have probably been on the opposite chest, with the rest of the Nintendo ones running down one of the sleeves, and all the Turtles patches going down the other sleeve.

All I would have needed then would have been a big, kick-ass, Cobra Kai patch on the back of the jacket and I would have been all set.

Wax Pack Flashback: Saved by the Bell Cards

In this latest episode of Wax Pack Flashback, you can watch me open a pack of Saved by the Bell trading cards from 1992.  Saved by the Bell was one of my favorite shows in that era, and my Saturday morning TV viewing revolved around it.  Watch along and see what I find inside.

The Retro Network Podcast 030: 1995 Time Capsule

Jason and Mickey are back with our first Time Capsule episode. First, we talk a little sports with Jason telling about his recent venture on ESPN+. Then, we discuss the latest Recurrent Events headlines including:

  • Quantum Leap could return to NBC’s Peacock
  • CBS All Access reboots several classic kid’s shows
  • Japan’s Super Nintendo World
  • National Treasure 3 might happen
  • Rotisserie Chicken Pringles
  • Rock Hall announces 2020 inductees

Our TRN Time Machine segment this week sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube Channel introduces our new Time Capsule discussion format! All this talk about the upcoming TRN Drive-In ’95 series encouraged us to look at 1995 overall. Follow along as we talk about the news headlines and pop culture through several categories. Once we finish each section, we’ll toss in an item for our 1995 time capsule. It’s a really fun show that I hope you will also play along, sharing what time capsule items you would choose! Before we wrap this week’s show, we’ll tell you about a few things coming this week on The Retro Network.

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Nintendo Nostalgia: Excitebike


ExciteBike was one of the Nintendo consoles most beloved games, and a favorite of mine too. I killed many hours with this bad boy, and for good reason….it was full of great features!  Racing on a motorcycle! Design your own tracks! Put 100 jumps in a row! This was one awesome game for those three reasons, and why it’s so fondly remembered. That and the fact that you could wreck others by coming down the track with your rear wheel in their front wheel and watch them tumble over and over down the track. With the possibility of using any combination of 19 different obstacles to design your track with, it had great replay value just in designing new courses to race.

I was introduced to this game at my cousin’s house shortly after I got my Nintendo. I was instantly hooked and we spent several hours that night playing it.  I never actually owned the game, but several of my friends did, and a copy of it was at my house more often than not through the magic of swapping games with a friend for a period of time. This game still holds its own in the “fun factor” today against such newer and more complicated games.

I could spend more time playing this title than I could modern titles today.  Just designing courses loaded with obstacles and then racing against friends provided endless fun for us.  Many a Saturday afternoon was spent on a virtual dirt bike in my house, and I’m feeling pretty nostalgic for it right now.

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