June 27, 2017

Ad for McDonald’s Beef Steak Sandwich and Onion Nuggets

Here we have a piece of vintage advertising from McDonald’s from what I believe is the late 1970’s.  Both of these menu items were available in that time period, and this ad places them together for what looks like would have been a tasty fast food meal option then.

From what I can find on the Beef Steak Sandwich, the meat had more of a steak consistency than burger, and featured slivered onions and a side of McDonald’s own steak sauce.  People who have commented on having it back then said the Beef Steak was better than the McRib that we all know and love, and that the steak sauce was like A1, but folks swear that McDonald’s version was better.  I also came across comments from a former employee who worked there in the time of this sandwich, and said that the meat came in frozen with artificial grill marks already on the meat.  He and his co-workers would be urged not to press too hard for too long with the searing tool, because it would cause the grill marks to go away.

The Onion Nuggets look like a tasty concept too.  I’ve always been a fan of Burger King’s onion rings, but I think these little chunks of deep fried onion bliss would be at the top of my list too.

Were any of you around back then, and did you ever get to try either of these offerings from McDonalds?

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